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Peter Keeney line from 1740

Jane Foley jazzyj88keys@comporium.net

Researching: William Elbert Keeney born 1880 in AR s/o Robert Eli Keeney born 1860 in AR s/o Jacob Chisolm "Zack" Keeneybprm 1822 s/o Abraham Keeney born 1775 in KY s/o Peter Keeney - 1740 in VA and the different John Keeneys of which there are several.


Jane Foley

Jackie (Keeney) Helcl jetbroomjackie@yahoo.com (updated on 07 June 2010)

I am connected to this line through Peter - Moses - George - Alva - Silas - Don - Don. I believe the migration pattern was from   Kentucky-Indiana-Iowa-Minnesota.

Cathy Miller cathy@pc-etc.com (Email not valid trying to get an updated address)

My line is Peter, Abraham, Jacob C., Rebecca, Belle Keeney Hankins. Family located in Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

Pat Dunklin patdunk@flash.net (Email not valid trying to get an updated address)

Researching the same line as Cathy Miller (above).

Fred T. Keeney (current updated 16 June 2017)

I am related to Peter, Moses, Gidion, John Samuel, Fred M., Fred L.

Joan C. Keeney maraba@sti.net (corrected 06 June 2010)

Peter Keeney prior to 1790 My line is Lindsay Martin Keeney b. 1900 m. Mary Ellen Slaughter, f. Abner Martin Keeney b.1870 m. Frances Emoline Riden f. Gideon Keeney b. 1842 m. Mary Ann Cordal f. Moses Keeney m. Catherine Stogsdill f. Peter Keeney b. prior to 1790 m. F Yoakum

I am the daughter of Lindsay Martin Keeney and am looking for any information on my line of Keeney’s. Family History, and county or town histories that may mention them. I love the stories and descriptive histories that tell about their lives, the areas where they lived and what they did in those days. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me. I am willing to share whatever I have with you.

Joan C. Keeney    
Oakhurst, California

Lisa Volm MLOV@aol.com (valid as of 07 June 2010)

Descendant of Peter Keeney (1740) - Moses - Abner - Bluford - Ida Belle.  Migration VA? - KY - MO - OK

Linda Massey onsitegraphics@nidlink.com

I am researching the Keeney, Massey families.  I have Nancy Keeney married James Massey in Saline County, MO in May 1827.  It states that her father is Thomas and her mother was Mary Reeves (sp?).  If you have any thing further on the family I would appreciate any help you can give.  I have the descendants of James and Nancy, but cannot seem to find their ancestors.  Please email me at onsitegraphics@nidlink.com

Thanks, Linda Massey

Patrick Keeney swmmr2@gmail.com (updated 06 June 2010)

My line goes from PETER b.1740 in VA (m. Ann Yoakum abt. 1762) d. Unk; MOSES b. abt 1770 in KY (m. Catherine Pence, 13 Dec 1792--first of 2 marriages for Moses) d. 5 Dec 1846 in KY; HENRY W., SR. b. abt 1798 in KY (m. Elizabeth Jane Waddle, 30 Jan 1819) d. 1879 in KY; THOMAS JEFFERSON b. Jan 1829/30/1 in KY (m. Harriet E. K. Gragg, 5 Mar 1855) d. Unk; PENUMBRA (an only child) b. 25 Jan 1856 in KY (m. Esther Thompson (Coffey) d. 26 Jul 1925 in Unk; GROVER CLEVELAND b. 1886 in CO (m. Mary Elise "Mamie" Donaldson, 190?) d. 11 Mar 1961 in CA; CHARLES JAMES b. 25 Oct 1912 in CA (m. June Malone, 23 Apr 1935) d. 29 Mar 1996 in CA. I am the son and oldest child of Charles and was born in CA. I am looking especially for: any information on ancestors of PETER (and confirmation that he and Ann moved from VA to KY between 1767 and 1770); what happened to THOMAS after PENUMBRA's birth; any information on PENUMBRA between his birth in KY in 1856 and the birth of his 2nd child (GROVER's older sister, Lenora) in 1882 in Sterling, CO., as well as where he died.

Patrick Keeney  
Framingham, MA

Dawna Sue Keeney  ensorcelled777@gmail.com  (Email  updated 01 August 2015)

My Moses M. Keeney was born Nov 1862 and married Miranda Barker. I am a descendent from Peter Keeney and have a great deal of information until then. I am missing some pieces, but currently I don't know where they are because I am really new at this. I live in Pulaski Co, Kentucky. It is hard having all of this information at my fingertips. I would  love to have the email addresses of anyone that may have information that dates back farther than Peter and Ann Keeney or anyone researching the line of Moses M. Keeney or Henry H. Keeney.

Pulaski Co, Kentucky

Joann J. Nelson  joannn@mvn.net (Email not valid trying to get an updated address)

Peter Keeney b 1740-45, Moses or James Keeney, uncertain as to which is the father of Thomas Jefferson Keeney, b. 1828, who was born in Caldwell Co., Ky. married Jane Bourland (Bowling) 1856, 5 children of this marriage, my Grandmother Mary Mildred (E.) Keeney is the youngest child of this marriage.  She married James Miller Jones in Trigg Co., Ky. 1886. Will share info with interested parties. 

Joann J. Nelson
Mount Vernon, Il

Skip Allen Skipparoo314@aol.com (Email not valid trying to get an updated address)

Peter Keeney b. ca. 1740-1745
I am a descendant of Moses Keeney and Catherine Pence of Pulaski Co., KY. I have not found proof or confirmation that he was the son of Peter Keeney and Ann Yoakum. Can anyone furnish documentation?     Thanks.

Skip Allen

Rene' Lasswell neeby@hotmail.com (updated 06 June 2010)

I'm actively seeking all descendants of the elder Peter Keeney (thought to have married Ann Yoakum.)  I'm descended myself through his son Michael Keeney, Sr.

Rene' Lasswell

Evelyn (Keeney) Thornton liliput62@syix.com (valid, but not online very often)

My Keeney line is: Peter Keeney; his son Abraham; his son James; his son Reuben Adam; his son Arthur B; his son Charles E. and I am Evelyn (Keeney) Thornton in Yuba City, CA.

Evelyn (Keeney) Thornton

Michael Keeney,  (valid as of 07 June 2010)

My Line is Peter Keeney (1740) and Ann Yoakum (1744), Fort Lewis, Virginia, Moses (1770) and Catherine Pence (1772), Madison County, Kentucky, Henry W. Keeney (1798) and Elizabeth Jane Waddle (1801), Henry Hiram Perry Keeney (1825) and Mary Polly Baker (1823), Moses M. Keeney (1862) and Miranda Jane Barker (1861), Edgar R. "Lit" Keeney (1894) and Loma Myrtle Wright (1900), Glen Curtis Keeney (1933) and Dareen Francis Travis, (1936).

Michael Keeney
Watseka, Illinois