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Wagon Ruts West


By Ralph  Ray Keeney

       Published in 1983


    The following selection is taken from "Wagon Ruts West" written & published by Ralph Ray Keeney in 1983. The book  is currently out of print. This section is published with the kind permission of Ralph Ray Keeney. The book this selection is drawn from is under copyright and permission has been granted for educational purposes and it is not to be used in any way for any profit or commercial venture.

Click here to read letter of permission.

Ralph Ray Keeney
12 January 1923 - 22 November 2004


 In 1997 I learned about the book Wagon Ruts West that was written by Ralph Ray Keeney. I couldn't find a copy of it so I wrote to him and asked if there was any way to get one & he sent me photocopies of his original manuscript of the book. It was suggested that I try to obtain permission to serialize the book for inclusion with the KFG newsletter, so I sent a letter to Mr. Ralph Ray Keeney asking for permission to do so.

My letter to him.

Mr. Daniell Lee Keeney
website: www keeney.net  (No longer valid) current k-f-g-online.info
e-mail dan@keeney net  (No longer valid) current cianaigh (at) gmail (dot) com

09 January 2001


 To: Mr. Ralph R. Keeney,

    A couple of years ago I wrote to you and asked about getting a copy of the book you wrote on the John Keeney Jr. family "Wagon Ruts West" of which you sent me a photocopy of your manuscript.

    I own the Website keeney.net  and have been putting a monthly newsletter online since December 1998 with the exception of the months of May & July 1999. This site is a non-profit non-commercial hobby site pertaining to the genealogies of the various Keeney family lines, about a month ago it was suggested that I ask you for permission to serialize your book "Wagon Ruts West" for inclusion in the newsletter. Roscoe C. Keeney is allowing me to post his Keeney Update back issues on the site so that researchers can have wider access to that resource.

  If this idea of serializing the book is all right with you I'm willing to include any statement that you would like to make regarding the use of your book. Of course the choice of weather I do this or not is entirely yours.

I am including an SASE for your reply.


Thank you for your time.

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Daniell Lee Keeney
PO Box 208
Sunland California 91041-0208

And his reply:

Letter of Permission

  To fulfill his requirement for source of material used, the Acknowledgment above is  included with each section posted.

    Originally the only links for this book were through the newsletter to this page from here you just click on the section that is posted that you want to read. As time progressed an entire section was created for the book.

Section & Title
  Forward & Sources
1 Ralph R. Keeney - Son of Willard Warren & Alice L. Keeney
2 Willard Warren Keeney - Son of John Bland-en & Ella Keeney
3 John Blanden Keeney - Son of Andrew Jackson & Hanna Keeney
4 Andrew Jackson Keeney - Son of John Jr. & Mary Buckhalter Keeney
5 John Keeney, Jr. - Son of John, Sr. & Martha Keeney
6 John, Sr. & Martha Ann Keeney - Parentage Unknown
7 Roberta A. (Doty) Keeney - Daughter of Harold & Dolors Doty - wife of Ralph R. Keeney
8 Harold & Dolors Doty - Father & Mother of Roberta A. Keeney
9 Alice Loa (Crall) Keeney - Wife of Willard Warren Keeney - Daughter of Ralph Daniel & Ida Crall
10 Ida (Crall) Dunn - Wife of Harvie Leslie Dunn - Mother of Ida Crall
11 Harvie Leslie (Les) Dunn - Husband of Ida (Crall) Dunn - Stepfather of Alice (Crall) Keeney
12 Albert L. Crall - Son of Ida & Ralph Daniel Crall - Brother of Alice Loa (Crall) Keeney
13 Glenn Keeney - Son of John Blanden & Ella Keeney
14 Benjamin Franklin Keeney - Son of Andrew Jackson & Amanda Keeney
15 Thomas Paine Keeney - Son of Andrew Jackson & Amanda Jane Keeney
16 Elizabeth Jane Williams - Mother of Elizabeth Ann (Williams) Keeney. Grandmother of Elizabeth Jane (Keeney) Rogers
17 "A Boy On The Keeney Farm" - By Thomas Paine Keeney
18 Leslie Matlock - Heppner Flood - 1903
19 Howard & Jane (Keeney) Rogers & Family
20 Willard & Bertha Handsaker - Willard was the son of Martha (Keeney) & Nelson Handsaker
21 Claire H. Keeney - Son of James Madison & Mary (Handsaker) Keeney
22 James M. Keeney - Son of Elias & Lucinda (Van Winkle) Keeney
23 Jonathan Keeney - Son of John, Jr. & Mary Buckhalter Keeney
24 James Blanden Keeney - Son of Jonathan & Mary Keeney
25 Elias Keeney -  Son of John, Jr. & Mary Buckhalter Keeney
26 Interview of Mrs. J. W. Moore - Granddaughter of Elias Keeney
27 James Keeney - Son of John, Jr. & Mary Buckhalter Keeney
28 Family Pictures
29 Joseph B. Keeney - No record of Parentage. (Stage Owner & Driver) had son Edward Cope Keeney - Cousin of Willard Warren Keeney
30 Jonathan H. Keeney - No record of Parentage. (Prominent Wool Grower of Umatilla County, Oregon - 1880's). Sons - Marshall S. & Thomas B. Keeney - Ranched near Long Creek, Ore.


Genealogy Compiled by Mrs. Roy Snyder

Thursday, 22 January 2015 20:29:38 -0800


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