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 I do not claim that all the information contained on this site is correct, I am fairly certain that some of it is not. I leave it up to you the reader to take it for what you think it is worth.

My intention for the site is for people researching the various Keeney lines to have a place in which they can start their search for their families, I leave it up to each individual to obtain the proper source of information on each person. Most of what you find here has been sent in by distant cousins & I have not had the time nor the resources to verify most of it. If they included a source I left it in the files.

It was brought to my attention that another site shows me as a source on some material posted there. Specifically that the father of John Jonathan Keeney was of German descent, I have not said that the father of John Jonathan Keeney was of any particular nationality. As far as I know the Keeney line started from either Ireland or England.

If you have any updates or corrections you would like to have added or changes made click on my name below to send me an e-mail.
~Dan Keeney

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