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The Keeney Researcher an online genealogy newsletter
Index page k-f-g-online.info Co-edited by: D. Keeney  &  M. Winner 

The Keeney Researcher an online genealogy newsletter. Is looking for those people researching the various Keeney lines that are willing to share with others that are doing the same.

If you think about the brick walls you have run into it makes sense to share as someone else may have gotten past that same brick wall that will enable you to leap ahead in your research. So why not share?

Please consider sharing information you may have. It may help someone hurdle a brick wall and they will appreciate it. And you never know they may even have something that they can share with you. Even sharing a photograph of an ancestor is a step in the right direction.
You can send items to either Dan Keeney or Mary Winner  using The Keeney Family Researcher for the subject line.

What to share?

As those of you that are familiar with this site know I had a previous newsletter called  the KFG online newsletter you can access the back issues from here. I was to ambitious  and tried to do one issue each month. Right now with this new newsletter We would like to put out between 2 & 4 issues a year, (we are only committing to 2 issues a year), of course that depends on the participation of other researchers, if enough information comes in it is possible more issues would be forth coming. Each issue will contain at least 8 pages, that is eight 8.5 x 11 printed pages  printed from either a word document or a PDF.

Of course I did not want to try this by myself again and Mary J. Keeney Winner has volunteered to help with this, she is also typing out all of Roscoe C. Keeneys  Keeney Updates into a word format and you can download each issue as either a doc(x) or a PDF of the retyped issue and the old PDF's are still here though some are hard to read.

Also please note  there is a Keeney Researchers Register on the site that you can register for and if you want to have your database posted (privatized), or what to send in a bunch of photos to share I can create a directory for you at no charge. Though you need to send me the items to place in the directory, which will allow a cohesive look and feel to the site.

This will be the index page for each issue. When a notification is sent out letting you know that a new issue has been posted the link will bring you to this page at the start of the index. Each issue will be posted three ways as a web page, a PDF. & a word document, the latter 2 allow you to save the newsletter or to print it with out the site formatting, if you try to print it from the web page it can get really chopped up because the formatting for the web page is a little different in that it's basically a single page where as the other two are set up with multiple pages.

For the best print out option I would suggest downloading either the PDF or the word document. I'll list the number of pages and the file size right after the link for each.



Link Link  pages size in mb Link  pages size in mb
Volume 1 Number 1 V1N1 11 1.59 V1n1 11 12.9
Volume 1 Number 2 V1N2 9 6.36 V1N2 9 12.1
Volume 2 Number 1 V2N1     V2N1    
Volume 2 Number 2 V2N2     V2N2    
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