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Volume 1 Number 2 k-f-g-online.info Co-edited by: D. Keeney  &  M. Winner 

This is going to be posted by Christmas 2014, and in past issues of other newsletters that I have had online I usually included something for Christmas this year I include a graphic and a link to my other website: http://santadankeeney.com/CHRISTmas.html


Now on with the research.

This was in the Keeney Update V4 N 2 March 1987  (Pictures were added 09 September 2014 by editor of this newsletter)

Columbia River Valley / JAMES MAYNARD KEENEY

As a prosperous rancher and hotel owner James Maynard Keeney was widely and favorably known throughout Oregon and during the period of his residence in Portland he held a secure place in the esteem of its citizens. Of resolute purpose and marked strength of character, he surmounted obstacles and difficulties which would have thoroughly discouraged the average man and pressed steadily onward to the goal of success. He was born in Brownsville, Oregon, October l 5, 1865. His father, Elias Keeney, crossed the plains in an early day and settled on a donation land claim near Brownsville.

James M. Keeney was raised on the home farm where he remained until he reached the age of eighteen, experiencing many phases of pioneer life in western Oregon. For two years he was a student at the State University and next attended a business college in Portland. After the completion of his course he returned home and when he attained his majority was given one thousand dollars by his father. With this sum he purchased a flock of sheep in Arlington, Oregon, but lost most of them during the ensuing winter, which was unusually severe. After this venture he opened a livery stable in Arlington and also served as postmaster of the town. Later he entered mercantile circles of Portland, conducting a cigar store at First and Yamhill streets, but through his partner lost the business.

 During that time he was offered and accepted the management of a hotel at Shaniko, Oregon, and was so successful that he purchased the property soon afterward. For several years he conducted the business, and then went to Vale, Oregon, where he owned another, which he operated successfully for seven years. Meanwhile he had joined J. N. Burgess in purchasing the Cunningham ranch at Pilot Rock and for eighteen years he was active in the cultivation and improvement of that tract. On disposing of his holdings in eastern Oregon, Mr. Keeney located in Portland and bought a cherry orchard of one hundred acres near Salem. In 1920 he sold his interests in the ranch. His death occurred September 19, 1923, when he was nearly fifty-eight years of age. For years he fought a losing battle against disease but maintained his courageous spirit until the end, being a man of exceptional wil1 power and determination.

Mr. Keeney was married July 20, 1904, to Miss Elizabeth Mattock, a daughter of Tom J. and Mary E. Matlock. In 1853, when a child of three, Mrs. Keeney's father crossed the plains with his parents, who settled near Eugene, Oregon. In 1875 he removed to Heppner, Oregon, and embarked in the sheep business. During the great flood at Heppner in June, 1903, he was seriously injured and his wife was drowned. Their daughter Elizabeth fainted and thus narrowly escaped death by drowning.
Photos above & the information on James below added 09 September 2014

James Maynard Keeney October 15, 1865 - September 19, 1923

James is buried at:
Wilhelm's Portland Memorial
Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Find A Grave Memorial# 130734763

Link for Keeney photos in Oregon  These appear to have come from Ralph Ray Keeney as I have seen several of them in his book  Wagon Ruts West

In the Newspaper Archives of The Times Brownsville, Oregon 17 June 1976

To avoid copyright violations I can not even put the headline in this newsletter. Which is strange because I put the link on The Keeney Researcher page on Facebook and it shows a thumbnail image of the newspaper page. The article does mention Jonathan and Elias, their mother and younger brothers among others. This full page article is well worth reading. Just click on the bold blue text above.

Welcome to the Keeney Family page at Surname Finder, a service of Genealogy Today. Our editors have compiled this checklist of genealogical resources, combining links to commercial databases along with user-contributed information and web sites for the Keeney surname. As additional sources for vital records, original documents, vintage photographs and surname-based DNA projects are discovered, this page is updated to offer the best list for researching Keeney ancestry.

      Access Genealogy has been online since 1999. What started out as a small 50 page website has evolved over the years to one of the leading websites in providing free genealogy. With over 240,000 links it is also one of the largest directories of genealogy websites found online.


The Keeney Family from Coast to Coast; An informal history of the ancestors and descendants of George Keeney of Newport, Rhode Island
Karyl Keeney Hubbard and Sandra Keeney Pattok
320 pp.  Published: 2008
A history and genealogy of the family of George Keeney from Newport Rhode Island through New York, Ontario Canada, Michigan, and beyond. Source notes, maps, charts, and family pictures. Families include Robertson, Lovell, Wonch, White, Godfrey, Lamberton, Martin, and Dean.

DNA and Genealogy

On 20 October 2014 I received 2 emails that both mentioned DNA. Strange only in that I got 2 in one day.

But it brought about a question for me. Should we have a DNA page where we can compare markers on the site?

I'm not sure if the different companies that do the testing share results with each other I'll check with Georgia Kinney Bopp and see what she knows about it.  

Her answer: Yes and no. It's too hard for me to do long email about this and I'm retiring from active dna. Have company today but send me phone number and time zone and I will call you explain the yes and no part.

In the past I have had the following information posted on the site:

Genetic Genealogy

A DNA surname project has been established for Keeney, Kinney and variations. This is the beginning of a long-term, international project to develop a DNA database for all researchers interested in these surnames. All males with the Keeney surname - or any of the other spelling variations - are invited to participate. The study involves testing a portion of the Y chromosome. This chromosome remains relatively unchanged for hundreds of years as it passes from father to son. Only males have the Y chromosome but female family historians are able to participate by submitting DNA from a male family member with the surname (father, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, etc.).

By comparing your test results (a series of numbers) with others in the project, you can determine with a high degree of probability if you share a common ancestor (but not who that ancestor is). Testing is used in conjunction with traditional genealogy and participants are often able to focus their research efforts after testing. For example, testing could reveal if all the southern Keeney lines are related to one another, and/or to the northern Keeney lines. Eventually the study will establish DNA "signatures" for different lines - such as the "Dutch" line, the Henry Kinne of MA line, Scottish lines, Irish lines, etc. DNA results, including patterns that have emerged to date, can be viewed at the Participants ~ Results link at the project website.

The cost is $99 or $169 (plus mailing fee) depending on which test you choose. This is a special group rate; the project administrator is a volunteer and receives no compensation. You can order the test online, take it at home, and return it directly to the testing company. It is not a blood test, not a paternity test, not a forensic (crime) test, does not uniquely identify you, and reveals nothing about health matters.

Genetic genealogy is a new, fascinating, and complicated subject. If you are interested in learning more, start with the Frequently Asked Questions link at the project website. If you have additional questions, or are interested in participating now, email the group project administrator.

Georgia Kinney Bopp gkbopp@hawaii.rr.com
DNA Project Website http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gkbopp/KINNEY/Research

Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr.'s

The Keeney Update project is ongoing thanks to Mary Winner but some of the issues on hand are at least 3rd generation photocopies and very hard to read let alone the pictures tend to be either to dark to see clearly or to faded.

Please see the PDF files we have on the Keeney Update @
http//:k-f-g-online.info/RoscoeCKeeneyJr/default.html from there click on the last column for each original copy or photocopy PDF we have, if your copy is better we would like to borrow it as some of the text is very muddy and the pictures are faded or too dark because of being photo copies.

Or if you have good copies of the original photos we would like to get scans of them. Leave message on the board here or Contact Mary or Dan both of us. I will provide instructions for scanning if you need help we would like high resolution scans if you can make them if not you can send the photos to Dan for scanning, they can be returned if you like.

We need to borrow original copies of the following Keeney Updates
(if you have copies not listed here we could really use them to).

V1n1 December 1983
V5n2 June 1988
V10n2 May 1993
V11n1 January 1994
V12n1 March 1995
V13n1 March 1996
V13n2 June 1996
V13n4 December 1996
V15n4 December 1998
V16n1 March 1999
V16n2 June 1999
V16n3 September 1999
V16n4 December 1999
V17n2 Spring 2000
V17n3 August 2000
V17n4 December 2000
V18n1 March 2001
V18n2 June 2001
V18n3 September 2001
V18n4 December 2001
V19n1 March 2002
V19n2 June 2002
V19n3 Summer 2002
(this one says Volume Six, Number 3 Summer 2002 on it)
V20n3 June 2003
V21n3 June 2004
V21n3 September 2004
V21n4 December 2004
V23 Bonus Issue #4 Summer 2006

Mary has the following originals on hand:
V1n2 March 1984
V1n3 June 1984
V1n4 September 1984
V2n1 December 1984
V2n2 March 1985
V2n3 June 1985
V2n4 September 1985
V3n1 December 1985
V3n2 March 1986
V3n3 June 1986
V3n4 September 1986
V4n1 December 1986
V4n2 March 1987
V4n3 June 1987
V5n1 March 1988
V5n3 September 1988
V6n1 February 1989
V6n2 May 1989
V6n3 September 1989
V6n4 December 1989
V7n1 March 1990
V7n2 June 1990
V7n3 September 1990
V8n1 January 1991
V8n2 May 1991
V8n3 December 1991
V9n1 May 1992
V9n2 November 1992

V10n1 February 1993
V10n3 September 1993

 Dan has the following originals on hand:
V1n3 June 1984
V1n4 September 1984
V3n3 June 1986
V3n4 September 1986
V4n3 June 1987
V6n2 May 1989
V4n4 December 1989
V10n1 February 1993
V11n3 September 1994
V11n3 December 1994
V12n2 August 1995
V12n3 December 1995
V13n3 September 1996
V14n1 March 1997
V14n2 June 1997
V14n3 September 1997
V14n4 December 1997
V15n1 March 1998
V15n2 June 1998
V15n3 September 1998
V17n1 March 2000
V20n2 March 2003
V20n4 September 2003
V21n2 March 2004
V22n1 March 2005
V22n2 June 2005
V23n1 December 2005
V23 Bonus Issue # 3 April 2006
V23 Bonus Issue # 5 August 2006
V24 Final Issue November 2006

Fort Arbuckle

Some email from 29 October 2014
Tom Keeney <tkeeney@knology.net>
5:43 PM

to me
Many Keeney researchers know that there was a colonial era fort on John Keeney's land in what is now Greenbrier County West Virginia. The fort was built by Capt. Matthew Arbuckle in 1774-5. It was part of a system of neighborhood forts on the frontier. From about 1990 onward there has been intermittent archaeological and anthropological activity at Fort Arbuckle (called Keeny's fort by the local inhabitants). This effort has been summarized into a well-researched booklet called "Frontier Defense". The authors are Kim McBride, Ph.D. and Stephen McBride, Ph.D. It was published by the West Virginia Humanities Council and the Kentucky Archaeological Survey. The booklet offers an insight into life on the American frontier in the late 1700s and the role of the Keeney family in the Muddy Creek community. Keeney family researchers may find it interesting and possibly useful.

The booklet can be obtained by downloading online at the WV Archives Commission. The URL is

Tom Keeney
Madison, AL 35758

Tom Keeney
6:25 PM

to me
Thank you for the response. I wasn't sure that the email address was still good.

My wife and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the archaeological dig on John Keeney's land. Michael Keeney's cabin is still standing across the street and Keeney Knob is in the distance. The cabin is not in very good shape but the gun ports in the loft are still visible. The monument erected on the hearth of the blockhouse at Fort Arbuckle (erected ca 1903) is starting to fall apart but the outline of the fort and its bastions are still visible.

I am glad I had the opportunity stand on his land in the middle of what was a small community and think about what life was like for him and the other families.

Wagon ruts West, John Keeney, Jr. Family
by Ralph Ray Keeney

Has been an on going project and we finally have all the text typed out thanks to David Keeney. I am in the process of reformatting the section of the site where this is located. (http://k-f-g-online.info/RalphRayKeeney/default.html) In 2001 Ralph gave me permission to include the contents of the book on my website which at the time was keeney.net so long as I included the following with each posting:

The following selection is taken from "Wagon Ruts West" written & published by Ralph Ray Keeney in 1983. The book is currently out of print. This section is published with the kind permission of Ralph Ray Keeney. The book this selection is drawn from is under copyright and permission has been granted for educational purposes and it is not to be used in any way for any profit or commercial venture.

I intend to use the same basic formatting as the rest of the site with the exception of the mast header from:


Though I plan on having all of the pages set before I change the site this section may disappear for a while (a matter of minutes hopefully) but will be back up asap.


Angela Follett Nolan
Merry Christmas from Keeney kin in Michigan! Haven't had a chance to study all the documents on your site but look forward to doing it soon!

Daniel Jackson Keeney a 4th great grandson of Andrew Jackson Keeney

Please consider sharing information you may have. It may help someone hurdle a brick wall and they will appreciate it. And you never know they may even have something that they can share with you. Even sharing a photograph of an ancestor is a step in the right direction.
You can send items to either Dan Keeney or Mary Winner  using The Keeney Family Researcher for the subject line.


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