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This page is intended to be a place where you can have  your name &
e-mail placed along with which line you are researching so others can contact you directly. To add your name to the list send in the information requested below and  I'll attempt to have you added in under 24 hours.

~Dan Keeney

If you're interested in being listed as a Keeney Researcher on this page.

Please send  the following information to:
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Line(s) with year you're researching (such as William 1699)
Any comments you may want to have included.

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The following people are researching the:
1 Albert Keeney line from Essex Twp., Kankakee City., IL 2 Alexander Keeney line from 1650
1 Anthony Keeney line England 1800's 1 Bluford Abner Keeney line from 1850
1 Cora Keeney  1877 1 Cormack Keeney
1 Ellen Douglas Keeney line from 1836 1 Ephriam Keeney line from about late 1800's ?
1 Hiram Keeney 1805 New York   1 Isaac Thair Keeney line from 1820
1 James Forrest Keeney line from 191? 1 James Kimber Keeney line from 1840
1 James Porter Keeney line from 1928 1 John Keeney Albion, Oklahoma 1914
1 John Harley Keeney line from about 1892 1 Josephine Ida Keeney line from 1863 and 1872
5 John Jonathan Keeney line from 1750 1 Joseph Keeney - Hanna Hill
1 Keeney's from Montana 1 Leah Keeney - 1840's
1 Mary Mahala (Keeney) Stogsdill line from 1850 1 Michael Keeney Line from before 1846
1 Nancy Keeney line from 1850 1

Nellie F. Keeney line before 1848

15 Peter Keeney line 1740 1 Philip Keeney
1 Reuben Adam Keeney 1 Robert Pyle Keeney line from 1879

Rufus D. Keeney Line from Penn, Mass, Ohio

1 Solomon Paul Keeney line from 1839
1 Sir Thomas Keeney line from 1570 1 Theodore Kenney
1 Thomas B. Keeney line from 1764 1 Timothy Keeney 1775 Henry B. Keeney 1813
1 William Keeney line from 1587 1 William Keeney line from 1799
1 William H. C. Keeney line from 1789 1 William J. Keeney line from 1866