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John Harley Keeney
born about 1892

Patricia P. Keeney   halfnote at everestkc.net

I am looking for parents & siblings of John Harley Keeney, b. abt. 1892 in Iowa (don't know what county) (He was married to Fern Sinclair, b. abt. 1886).

John Harley Keeneys business was in Chicago - J. H. Keeney and Co., Inc., which made coin operated machines in the early 1930's to the early 1960's.  I believe the company was started by his father.

    John Harley Keeney married
Fern Sinclair on Jan. 17, 1912. 
  He died on July 26, 1948.

    His children: 
 Mary Jo Keeney Evans -  died in 1992
 Jack Sinclair Keeney - died in 1973

    Funeral Services held at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 22515 Central Park, Evanston, Il.  Viewed at chapen 1460 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Il.  Place of burial unknown.

    His wife, Fern Sinclair was born in Kansas and had lived in Eldorado.  She and John H were divorced in 19___

    John Harley remarried a woman named Betty.