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Reuben Adam Keeney

Evelyn Martha (Keeney) Thornton, liliput62@syix.com

My name is Evelyn Martha (Keeney) Thornton from Yuba City, Ca. I am just learning the computer and just starting to try to locate my ancestors on the Keeney side.  It's been difficult as everyone from whom I could have found the information I need is now deceased.

My Father's name was Charles Edward Robert Keeney who married Minnie Mae Tackett.
His father was Arthur B. Keeney who married Bertha Emmett.
Arthur's father was Reuben Adam Keeney  who
married Ann Raines.

These people  are from S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Other than the above information, I haven't a clue!!

Can anyone help??