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Cora Keeney - 1877

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Would like any information on Cora Keeney born 3-27-1877. Wife of Howard Edward Lafferty (they are my grandparents).  Daughter of John Patrick and Mary Francis Keeney.  Cora died at the age of 39, when my father was 9, the year would have been 1916.  Any information on her or her family and if any photo of her at any age so we can see what she looked like.

I'm not exactly sure what will help so I'm just putting down what I can and if you have any other questions then maybe I can answer them.

John Patrick Keeney  b. 9-1852  d. 6-1920
Mary Francis Nelson  b. 6-22-1854 Boone Co. WV  d. 3-3-1930
John and Mary had 13 children some are buried at Williams Cemetery at Prenter, WV.
Augusta No date
Daniel    b. 4-1874
Edward Calhoon  b.3-14-1876
Cora   b.3-27-1877 (my grandmother)
Julia  b.4-15-1880
Victoria  b.5-9-1882
William Summers  b.8-6-1884
Asa Addison  b.12-26-1886
Ada F.   b.2-21-1887
Dell    b.5-15-1889
Quindora A  b.6-10-1891
Sanford   b.9-9-1894  (twin)
Pearlie A  b.9-9-1894  (twin)

My sister Corena Bradford who lives in Sophia, WV., went to the cemetery and had Cora's headstone sand blasted and name redone. When she first went there the stone was shaped like a cross on the upper part it had Cora Laff then when it got a larger spot it had erty 39 years.
 She had this redone 3-5 years ago.  When I get back down there I plan on going and getting the dates and whatever information I can off the headstones.

Hope this can help you so you can help me.  Thanks for whatever you can do.
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Maxine Lafferty Sevin