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John Jonathan Keeney
line from 1750

Daniell Lee Keeney

My line is the Rev., John Jonathan Keeney 1750 - 1805, Rev., Jonathan Anthony Keeney 1778 - 1850, Rev., Samuel Thomas Keeney 1818 - 1900, Elmer Ashley Keeney 1868 - 1941, Raymond LaVon Keeney 1891- 1931, Dwight Leon Keeney.

I will also accept information on all other Keeney lines

~Dan Keeney
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Cindy Marcell cm@sfths.sft434.k12.ks.us

I am interested in the family line of John Jonathan KEENEY, b.1750 in
West Virginia.  His direct descendants to my line include: "Rev" Jonathan Anthony KEENEY, b. 1778 in TN; Jonathan Anthony KEENEY, b. 1809 in OH; William Perry KEENEY, b. 1843 in Ind.; Arden Wilbur KEENEY, b. 1879 in IA; & Constance Lucille KEENEY, b. 1915 in IA. I am Constance Keeney's granddaughter and am willing to exchange information with others researching the John Keeney, 1750, family line.

Cindy Marcell    

Angela Keeney Angela @

Collecting all descendant lines of John Jonathan Keeney.

My Line:  John Jonathan b 1750 WV d 1805 TN; Jonathan Anthony b 1778 TN d 1850 IA; John Hiram b 1804 TN d 1857 IN; Charles Willis b 1835 IN d 1915 IN; David Darius b 1862 IN, d 1938 IN; Charles Otis b 1889 IN d 1970 IN; Meredith Eugene b 1918 IN; Myron Leon b 1941 IN d 1986 IN

Angela Keeney
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Julie Lay julielay@teleport.com

Interested in learning more about my Keeney ancestors.

John Keeney Sr. 1750 VA – 1845 MO married Martha or Martha Ann
Children Rev. Jonathan Anthony Keeney, John Keeney, Fr, Rev. Thomas Keeney, Nancy Keeney, James Keeney, Hiram Keeney, Son John Keeney Jr B. 1780 VA now Jefferson Co., TN died 6 Dec 1845 Holt Co., MO. Married in 1805 Mary Ramsey Buckhalter a widow born 1783 Edgefield Co. SC, d. 24 June 1872 Brownsville, OR. Their children Mary Keeney Bogart, Thomas Keeney, Isley Keeney, Jonathan Keeney, James Keeney, Abram Abraham Andrew Jackson Keeney, Rebecca Keeney, Eli & Elias twins Keeney. Most of the siblings followed by 4Xg-grandfather Jonathan across the plains to settle in Linn and Lane County Oregon. Thanks.

Todd Johnson tajohnson@ucsd.edu

I am researching the John Jonathon Keeney line from 1750.
I am descended from John Jr. through his son Eli's daughter Elizabeth Ruth , who married William Henry Fletcher in 1874.