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Anthony Keeney Birmingham England

Michael Charles Keeney, mike.keeney@freemail.absa.co.za

I've only been able to trace my family back to my great-grandfather, Anthony Keeney, who married Annie Louisa Mills, in Birmingham England, in the 1800's. My Grandfather Fredrick William was born there (at 131 Wheeler Street, on the 04 December 1872). My GGrandfather came to East London, South Africa, (with his 10 or 11 children). Frederick William, {(my grandfather) was a decorated officer, (who fought in the Anglo/Boer war)}, Joseph Edward, (grandfather of Douglas, Brisbane, Australia), Francis "Frank" Charles, (the owner of the theater's in New York), Anthony Robert, Maude, Ivy, Rose, Violet, Albertha and Annie. There was mention of another Keeney, but I'm unable to confirm this. This is basically all I have to work on. I found your site quite by chance. I just thought I'll give it a bash and came up with your site. I'm really happy with all the work and effort you've put into it, and if I can help with anything, just ask. I only heard about John Keeney from your website. There are not many Keeney's that I know about in South Africa. There is my elder brother, Brian Anthony, who is on pension. He stays at a seaside resort not far from East London, S. A. he is married and has 3 children, Lynn, Sandy and Richard.