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Michael Keeney Line from before 1846

Leonard Keeney,  lkeeney@sympatico.ca

I am searching for any info on my g-g-grand parents, I know that they came to Canada in 1846, I traced where they lived in Montreal in 1871-73 and got no further, they had a son Patrick keeney who was born in county Sligo Ireland, he also came to Canada, where I have traced where they lived and raised their family, and are buried. My grand parents are MICHAEL KEENEY & HELEN KELLY My wife and have been to Ireland a couple of years ago, what a beautiful country, We went up to a little called RIVERSTOWN, and in the genealogy office we found some history on the Keeneys, but as everything was in Latin we could not understand anything, on doing some research I found that maybe my gg-grandmother may have come from CONNACHT, could this be a town or village? also see on the ships manifest that there was  an ELEONAR KEANEY, who traveled with my ggparents, which means that they were using two different name spellings. Any way Daniel I expect to come back to IRELAND next march, so any clues that I can pick up in the mean time will certainly help.I hope that this is the kind of info that you are looking, if not please come back, with ideas.

Regards Len & Helen Keeney