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Alexander Keeney line from 1650

Ann McDonald Almmcd@aol.com

My line goes from Alexander of Wethersfield, d. 1680; Joseph, 1666-1753; Alexander, 1708-1814; Thomas, 1751-1840; Thomas Jr., 1776-1853; Israel P. Keeney, 1804-1886; Henry Seymour Keeney, 1824-1910; Coslita Keeney Thomas, 1849-1922; Leah Thomas Munnell, 1875-1894; Lewis Munnell 1894-1959. Lewis was my father. I have info on all these people and many of their siblings and the siblings children.


Dennis Keeney spitfirebsa@aol.com

Alexander Keeney's father. Alexander lived in Wethersfield, Conn. in the 1650's. Where he came from and who his father was and any other background would be a great help.

My name is Dennis Keeney, my e-mail address is: spitfirebsa@aol.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Dennis Keeney