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Gayle Keeney-Canfield

is set to hit all major bookstores this Summer 2006.

This historical/genealogical novel is the first in a series of books telling the thrilling story of one of America's founding families.

In this first book author, Gayle Keeney, unexpectedly finds that she is able, through the technology of time travel, to return to the past and actually live through the trials and tribulations of her family's history, by becoming her own ancestor. Come along with her as she gives up modern technology and practical conveniences to live in the 15th century English world of Puritanism.

Follow along as Gayle assumes the identity of Sarah Cheever and becomes the matriarch of the Keeney Family, living through intense persecution and narrow escapes from the English Crown, the relocation of her family unit to Holland, and finally her survival of a month-long voyage to America to be reunited with the man of her dreams.

Crossing Jordan promises to be an exciting read that will inspire you and remind Americans from whence they've come.


Crossing Jordan

Submitted by: Gayle Keeney-Canfield
Book Description

After trying unsuccessfully to locate information on the matriarch of her family for a series of novels, author Gayle Keeney finally throws in the towel and travels to New York City in search of a publisher. Providence, however, intervenes in the person of the grandson of the famous physicist, Albert Einstein, who, having perfected his grandfather’s theory of time travel, offers to send Gayle back in time in search of the necessary information to complete her book. Intending to stay only a short time, Gayle agrees to endure the trauma and uncertainty of time travel. But again, Providence has other plans in store: becoming her own ancestor. Come along with the author as she begins her exciting journey back in time, reliving the trials and tribulations of Puritan life and the journey to a new land, telling this extraordinary story of one of America’s founding families.

Autographed copies can be obtained directly from the author.
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