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Mary J. Keeney Winner

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This is the cabin my great grandfather, Phillip Adelbert Keeney b 1848  built in Osceola, Lewis, NY around 1900. The best I can figure is from left to right are Viola (b 1890), Hattie (b 1900), George (b 1886), Hattie Abbey Keeney (b 1858), Justus (b 1884) and Adelbert, Jr. (b 1894). I was told that Justus was nearest the door (my grandfather) and Hattie is the baby on the blanket. From there it is an educated guess.

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Mary has taken on the task of redoing the Keeney Updates into a more readable rendition while trying to keep close to Roscoe's original format the first issue she has sent in is the June 1985 issue and is available in two formats a word format and a PDF these can be accessed from the Keeney Update pages located here.

Mary has now sent in the December 1983 issue.

Mary is sending in the reformatted Keeney UpDates on an average of one a week, see them from the Keeney Update page (links on the left or at the bottom of the page).