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Mike Vincent

DATABASE:  updated on 10 February 2000

Vincent/Keller -Hursh/Lewis Families 
(including the William Keeney line from 1630 with 182 Keeney's)


FAMILY HISTORY: of William Keeney from 1630

Generations of the
Vincent/Keller -Hursh/Lewis Families

If you have questions concerning anything in this database contact   Mike Vincent

This genealogy project has expanded far beyond my initial expectations. It began with a few chats with my mother who was trying to sort out information she had inherited on the Keller and Krauskopf families. Soon after, I added information on my father’s family, the Vincents and Keeneys. Over the past few years we have been adding information for my wife, Cecelia’s, family, about whom we had known very little. How surprised we were to learn that our families were linked not only by our own marriage but also through the children of William Keeney of New London, Connecticut.

If you are using this site to search information on your own family, the names following may help you along. The sixteen individuals who are our great-grandparent (from my paternal line to Cecelia’s maternal line) are:

George William Vincent and Priscilla Allen, Edward Carroll Keeney and Emma Louise Bell Webber, Allen Daniel Keller and Jane Haskell, Joseph Krauskopf and Mary Foster, Sterling Alonzo Hursh and Alice G. Tubbs, Moses Staley and Sarah Binkley, Alonzo R. Lewis and Anna Bell Miller, and Frank Guy Van Vleurah and Nora Jensen.

There is no doubt: included in this database are some discrepant dates and perhaps some inaccurate parent-child relationships. Some of this is illustrated for example in the Binkleys (or Binckleys) of the early 1800's. I have included all of the information in case you can correct or expand on what I have. Your corrections and clarifications or additions will be very welcome and I will try to acknowledge them promptly.

Particular thanks to Dan Keeney for organizing everything for you as well as for me.

Contact me at  Mike-Vincent@email.msn.com


The genealogy information at this site has entries for 3928 individuals with 860 distinct surnames.

 contact Mike Vincent

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