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Raymond E. Kinney

As of 28 February 2014 Ray has come into possession of  a Family Bible.

From the email Ray sent me letting me know what information the Bible holds:

The Bible has arrived.  It has 12 photos plus records for the family of Loring Grant Keeney, son of Simon Zelatus Keeney, son of Joshua, etc.  While it is not the hoped-for Bible of Joshua Keeney, it does fill in data for Simon's family, including photos of Simon and his wife Louisa Robinson Keeney, and a photo of Wilbur Fisk Keeney, brother of Loring.  The two brothers are those children of Simon who migrated to California.  Now I wonder how the Bible ended up separated and floating loose in the world.  I am happy it was rescued before it reached a landfill.  Thanks again, Bobby.  ("DLK NOTE: Bobby is the person that had the Bible.)

Daniell, if you wish details of this depth in the Joshua Keeney family, I can send you copies of the photos.  I have transcribed the written records, but unless I get a hand-held scanner, I can't scan to Bible.  It's in delicate shape and won't stand being put on my scanner.  I think I will check with the Keeney family of Erie, Michigan, who have a great many pictures and other artifacts of the Keeney family, along with letters from the 1820s to the 1900s.  The earlier letters are among children of Joshua Keeney, and the later letters are among the cousins.  There is a separate batch from among members of the Asahel Keeney family, which are of particular interest to me, as that is my branch of the family.

The reason I want to contact them is because I think that is where I want to deposit the Loring Keeney Bible, unless one of his descendants pops up.

I have been trying to trace descendants of Ebenezer Keeney (born 1718) in hopes of getting one of them to join the yDNA project and see for sure if they are our relatives.  The family runs heavily to girls and bachelors, so it's slow going.

Ray Kinney


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