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Sharon Galitz

My Keeney Line


My 3rd great-grandfather was a pioneer in Crete, Will County, Illinois where he first shows up in 1836.  He died of cancer in 1849 and the mortality schedule for the 1850 census says he was born in New York state.  I have nothing to back this up. The age of death on his tombstone makes it look like he was born in late September 1799.

His wife was named Clarissa - Clarissa D. Keeney on her tombstone.  I have found a possible marriage for them in East Hartford, Connecticut in 1821. William Keeney and Clarissa Davis.  When William Keeney wrote his will his wife was already dead and he left $500 to a Betsey Davis 'in consideration of her services for twenty-five years past.'  This same Betsey Davis is found living with three Keeney sons, William Jr., George Nelson and David O., in the 1850 and 1860 Illinois census for Will County.  This makes me think that the Clarissa Davis marriage is the correct one. The daughter of William Keeney was named Clarissa Elizabeth, giving me additional ammunition to think that Betsey Davis was the sister of Clarissa, the wife of William.

The four known children of William and Clarissa Keeney were born in Massachusetts and Ohio between 1828 and 1835.  This information is from the 1850 census in Illinois so  I have no exact birth dates or places.

The three sons - William, Jr., George Nelson and David O. were all single in 1860 and would have been eligible for service in the Civil War.  I have no record of their enlistment, but they are not to be found anywhere in Illinois by 1870.  Were they all killed or did they settle elsewhere after the war?

If anyone has a connection to this Keeney family, please contact me.

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The genealogy information at this site has entries for 30 individuals with 6 distinct surnames.
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