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By the name of KINNE

The crest consists of a cubit arm, erect, vested in red, and cuffed in silver, holding in the hand a roll of parchment paper; the whole rising out of an Earl's Coronet. The Coronet consisted of eight pearls set on as many lofty rays or spikes alternating with strawberry leaves; four of the latter, and five of the former are represented in illustrations. The Mantling behind and around the helmet - of the type assigned to Esquires and Gentlemen - of steel represented in profile with the visor closed - is made to curl and assume fantastic shapes indicating that it has become thus mutilated from service in the field. This being the mantling of a Knight or an Esquire, it is crimson. The field is charged with three towers or turrets, emblems of solidity, meaning that the original bearer at one time captured or held against attach three towers, turrets, or castles. The supports are plants, a clan symbol, with griffin entwined. The griffin has the head, shoulders, wings and forefeet of an eagle, the body and hind legs of a lion. These rampant, ferocious griffin could mean that the first bearer was a fine warrior. The banner is inscribed, "By The Name of Kinne."(caption under picture of Coat of Arms: ''By the name of KINNE, granted and confirmed 4 October 1613, to Sir Thomas Kinne of Norfolk and his descendants of the name.'' - Knighted by King James I and later a Baronet, only to be forced into Holland by King Charles I for his Protestant beliefs)

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