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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 1 #5 
 April 1999


Edited by
Daniell Lee Keeney

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Editor's note

Wishing you a Happy Easter

Rejoice for he is risen

Sorry it's even lighter this month.

I can see why Roscoe only puts the Keeney UpDate out four times a year, this will be the last monthly issue unless some contributions are sent in. I will continue to put out issues on an irregular basis otherwise.


Family Stories

I Need people to send me stories to put here


From the inbox.....


Thank you for sending out that note to your email list. I've had several people send me notes as well! We thought he might be moved this week to a nursing facility, but he was moved to ICU instead. Yesterday, however, he was much improved, but still in ICU. I really appreciate how family, regardless of how removed their line is, have been so kind.



From the Keeney UpDate

VOLUME VIII, Number 3 September 1996

on page 8 under the heading of: 

New York

Cortland County

Howard W. Keeney, a successful farmer & dairyman of Cuyler, is a son of John A. & Lois (Whitmarsh) Keeney, and was born in Cuyler township, this county, 13 June 1857.

His great-grandfather, Deacon Simon Keeney, inn 1795 moved from the State of Connecticut to Central New York and settled in the town of Fabius, Onondaga County. He was the founder of what is now known as Keeney's Settlement. He was also one of the founders of the Baptist Church in Fabius.

Grandfather John Keeney was born in 1797 in the town of Fabius, where he spent his life engaged in farming. He died in July, 1878, at the age of seventy-six years. He was a member of the Baptist Church and was noted for his hospitality. He was united in marriage to Ann Conable, who died 31 August 1862. They were the parents of ten children, five sons and five daughters. John Keeney was a man of good character, and was esteemed as an honest, upright citizen.

John A. Keeney, father of our subject, was born at Keeney's Settlement, 16 May 1820, and spent the greater part of his life tilling the soil. 28 February 1844 he married Lois Whitmarsh, who was born in Cuyler, 18 March 1819. Shortly after his marriage, he moved to the town of Cuyler, where he lived until 1862, and where all his children were born. He then returned to his native town and retired from active live in 1876. In connection with farming he dealt extensively in live stock, butter and cheese. Politically, he was a Republican. He was a member of the Baptist Church, and held several positions of prominence. He was the father of four sons and one daughter, as follows: Oscar J., born 06 April 1846, died in 1849; George A., born 12 January 1849, married Ester Pope, and now resides in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he is manager of the Lubricating Department of the Tide Water Oil Company; Mary E., born 24 March 1851, is the wife of James H. Andrews, of Syracuse, New York, where Mr. Andrews is engaged in the grocery business; Howard W., who heads this personal sketch; and Dr. John H. of Oswego, who was born 10 August 1859, and received his education in Batavia and the Homeopathic College of New York City.

Howard W. Keeney received a common school education, which was continued at Cazenovia Seminary and was engaged in teaching in this country. In 1879, he went to the State of Illinois, where he taught for some time; returning, he engaged in farming in Cuyler township and has remained there.    


Found online

NOTE none of these links work anymore


Looking for.....

Hi Dan.

I was given your e-mail address by Bill & Carol Keeney, my name is Len Keeney, live on Ottawa Canada, I am doing research on the Keeney surname, have been to Ireland, but no luck to finding any info on my ancestors, but I passed some info unto Carol, and she is going to do some checking for me in Riverstown, in county Sligo. If you have any e-mail addresses for Donegal or Sligo that I can contact I sure would appreciate them My home page is , http://www.cmw.ca/keeney.htm which you can pass around if you like, I have been trying for at two years to contact some Keeneys in Ireland on the computer, but no luck, until Bill & Carol contacted me, Maybe we are cousins, lets hope so. Regards Len Keeney [lkeeney@cmw.ca]


Miscellaneous & Reunions

   Angela L. Keeney has sent me some pictures of

  1. Murat Keeney as a young man

  2. Murat Keeney as an old man

  3. John Willis Keeney and wife Mary Jane Waters as older people

  4. Grade 7 Pittsboro School 1930 (Meredith Keeney - my grandfather front row, first child)

These are from a history book "Pittsboro and Middle Township "Way Back When, Then and Now" 1894 - 1992" (about Pittsboro, Indiana)

Dan: These are three photos that I have copies of (not the good originals) however, they scanned well enough so I thought I'd send them along

  1. Charles Willis Keeney as old man with three grown sons: George, Orion, and David

  2. David Darius Keeney with wife and three children: Mary, Charles Otis, and Ruth

  3. David Darius Keeney with wife (Jessie Coffin) in old age

Angela also has a couple of web sites:

Equatorial Arts Gallery Collection Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~alkeeney/

Chiaramonte Tribal Arts Website: http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Jungle/5599/

Does anybody know of any family Reunions?

If so send information & I'll include it here.


New on the site:

Some pictures starting with D. Larry Bowman


28 March 1999 08:04:54 -0800

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