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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 1 #6 
June 1999


Edited by
Daniell Lee Keeney

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Editor's note

If you don't send items in it's hard to come up with enough items to put out an issue. 

I'll try to put some thing out every other month, so the next issue should be in August.


Family Stories

I Need people to send me stories to put here


From the inbox.....

Hi Dan!

Just took a look at your site and noticed the pictures I sent you were up - hey thanks!! They look ~really~ good for scans of a photocopy!

My grandfather is doing better now. Now in a rehabilitation physical therapy facility for the time being. Again, I thank you and all our relatives for their thoughtfulness and kindness in sending good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Heading off to Europe next week. Hope to get to Brenets, Neuchatel, Switzerland to see where Emily Bersot came from. She married Charles Willis, son of  John Hiram, son of Jonathan Anthony. Wish I had more information on others of the ancestors to 'dig up' while I'm there.

Appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this site!



From the Keeney UpDate

       Volume XVI Number 2 June 1999

Headlines pg 1.

Headline pg 4.

pg 5

Tangling The Branches of a Family Tree

"Proof that a man can be his own grandfather: There was a widow and her daughter-in-law and a man and his son. The widow married the son, and the daughter the old man. The widow was therefore mother to her husband's father, consequently, grandmother to her own husband. They had a son, to whom she was great-grandmother. Now, as the son of a great-grandmother must be either a grandfather or a great-uncle, this boy was therefore his own grandfather."

Louisiana Herald 4 May 1822

Headline pg 6

Headline pg 7


Found online

Keeney Forums

If you would like to sign up for a Keeney mailing list for posting research questions click on this link KEENEY-L-request@rootsweb.com and put only the word subscribe in the message body nothing else


Looking for.....

Hello Daniell,

My name is Deborah Lee Keeney, I was searching thru the net and came across your name when trying to find some info in the name Keeney. I am looking for the Keeney family in Florida, around the Lakeland area. I live in Pittsburgh Pa and am related to them on my fathers side. Could you possibly be from there. I do not know any Keeneys. My father and mother divorced when I was young and he moved there. Let me know if you could possibly be related.

Thank You Debbie

Posted by Jerry lee Keeney Jr. on May 30, 1999 at 15:49:53:

After attending the funeral of my Grandfather Oliver Arthur Keeney 'Art'(1917-1999), I would like to enquire about my family's ancestry.
My grandfather O. Arthur, was one of five children;
Billy (last alive), Mike, 'Buster', Vern, and Olga.
These were the children of Joseph Keeney, and Gladys.
My father tells me that gr. grandfather Josephs' father was also Joseph (maybe) which was the a son of Jonathan Keeney (namesake for 'Keeney Pass' near Ontario Oregon). Any leads to information would be appreciated.
Jerry Keeney (of Omak, WA - now in TX)


Miscellaneous & Reunions

    Grand Reunion

Keeney Homestead

10347 Dixie

Erie, MI

03 JULY 1999

75th Reunion of descendants of Salmon Keeney

Contact Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Fitch

2288 Term St.

Burton, Michigan 48519-1031

Does anybody know of any family Reunions?

If so send information & I'll include it here.


Updated e-mail addresses

Name Old Address New Address
Robert Keeney rkeeney@vsla.edu keeney@intercom.net


31 May 1999 21:38:08 -0700

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