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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 1 #8
September 1999


Edited by
Daniell Lee Keeney

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Editor's note

If you don't send items in it's hard to come up with enough items to put out an issue. 

I'll try to put some thing out every other month, so the next issue should be in ?.


Family Stories

James Barnabus Keeney son of John Hiram Keeney

This was written by Annabelle (Keeney) Thoreson, I received it from Ray Keeney on 05 September, 1998. DLK

James Barney Keeney, born in Hendricks Co., Indiana, where the town of Rainstown is now Located. The youngest of nine children, four sisters and four brothers. His ancestors were Irish, Scotch and English: staying in Germany for a short time. James Barney Keeney was married first to Elizabeth Shirley, had one son Aurora. His wife died in childbirth. Them married Martha Coulter, from Pennsylvania, and they had six children. Charles, Samuel, Lloyd, Alton Annabelle (myself) and George. After farming in Indiana we moved to North Dakota in 1896 and rented land near Cando, North Dakota...while there he and his second son, Charles, filed on 160 acres each, near a lake, which was later named Rock Lake, 25 miles north of Cando. They built a sod house and barn in which we lived until we could build frame structures. They bought horses, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. Later he purchased another 160 acres, bought a threshing rig and worked for all the neighbors. Also had his own blacksmith shop and did the neighbors work. We had a smokehouse and cured our own meat. He had the country post office to which mail was delivered every other day. Farming was so slow those days often had to finish threshing after the snow had fallen. He had a cook car that took care of the crews and grain haulers, taking their meals at the houses where they were working. In winter we often had three-day blizzards and kept snow shovels in the house to dig our way out, as the drifts wee so high. The boys had a wire leading from the house to the barn to follow to feed the livestock. We had coal stoves and oil lamps. The boys would drive to the closest town for fuel and staples, which took a day each way. The boys walking beside the sled to keep warm. Not unusual to have 40 degrees below zero temperatures. Our school term was only three months, during the summer. For recreation in summer the neighbors young folks would gather at our home for baseball, horse racing, hunting and fishing, My mother having dinner ready for everyone. We found many tomahawks and bison trails. We had to plow firebreaks to protect the buildings from prairie fires, which we often had in dry weather. The boys each had musical instruments and played for the country-dances, entire families attended. We attended the Dunkard (now Brethren) services each Sunday, held in the little schoolhouse 2½ miles from our home. Then in later years we attended the Seventh Day Adventist camp meetings, held every evening for two weeks in a large tent. Mr. Jim Hill built a branch line of the Great Northern railroad, going northwest out of Devil's Lake, small towns began to spring up along the line, one being Rock Lake, 2½ miles from our home. Mr. Hill offered to finance my father in building a hotel in Rock Lake, which he did, located near the depot. We moved into town. The train left Devil's Lake one day and went to the end of the line, Hansboro, north of us, returning the next day. Very few cars those days so the sales men would stop at our hotel overnight. The cost of a meal was .50¢ and a room for the night .50¢. They called my parents Pa and Ma. Ma always had left-over pie, cake, for evening lunches (free). The train crew came to the kitchen for lunch while the train stopped. free, but anytime any of the family took the train to Devil's Lake we were not charged a fare. We had a very wee equipped butcher shop which the second son, Sam, operated. This served the hotel and the towns' people. We put up ice in the winter and had an icehouse. With the advent of more cars business became poor and my father sold the hotel and rented some land, back to farming. While in the hotel I was married to Peter Thoreson. We lived in Calvin, North Dakota. where five children were born: Majorie, Lucille, Peter JR, (passed away at the age of 8), Bradford and Samuel. Marjorie married Forrest Stephens (2 girls. Jill and Susan). Lucille married Nels A. Brakke (2 boys and 1 girl, Brad, Jon and Barbara). Brad Thoreson married Betty Sue Smutz, (3 boys and 1 girl, Luanne, Randy, Douglas and Robert James). Samuel married to Virginia Batson, (2 boys and 1 girl, Tracy, Gale Anne and Mark). Peter Thoreson, my husband was born in 1883, died in 1951 at the age of 68. James Barney Keeney, my father was born in 1853 died 1929 at 76. Martha my mother born in 1856, died 1942, age 86. I Annabelle was born in 1892.

I Need people to send me stories to put here


From the inbox.....

From Carol Keeney

Sunday, 15 August , 1999 14:04 PM

Thought this would be great for your next issue.


The limbs that move, the eyes that see,
These are not entirely me;
Dead men and women helped to shape
The mold which I do not escape;
The words I speak, my written line,
These are not uniquely mine.
For in my heart and in my will
Old ancestors are warring still,
Celt, Roman, Saxon, and all the dead
>From whose rich blood my veins are fed,
In aspect, gesture, voices, tone,
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone;
In fields they tilled I plow the sod,
I walk the mountain paths they trod;
And round my daily steps arise
The good and bad of those I comprise.

          ~ By English poet Richard Rolle,

             written over 600 years ago


Also from Carol

Monday, August 16, 1999 14:40 PM

Hey Dan,

I was just looking over the Keeney Links you have on your site.  I came to the Packie Keeney link and just had to laugh.  Packie is a really great guy and Bill and I have been on his radio show.  Packie's brother Kieran is our son's (Conner) godfather.   Maybe when we finally settle in I will found the copy of the radio show and send you a copy.



This is the link she found;

Highland Radio - Packie Keeney  
Packie Keeney Presenter and Vice-Chairman of the Company. Packie, who's idea it was to apply for a Local Radio Franchise for Donegal in 1979, has been with the group since then. Having been instrumental in putting the Station's Technical structure together, he still keeps a close eye on the Stations technical performance and would also be involved in the technical side of sporting and...


Descendants of

5 Generations of the Descendants of James Barnabus Keeney

[generation #]  {note #}

Several of the people mentioned in this are still living so I've removed it.


From the Keeney UpDate

       Volume I Number 1 December 1983

page 1.

Keeney UpDate December 1983


Found online

All the links in this section are bad as they no longer exist.



Looking for.....

Alexander, Timothy, Henry Bennett, Don Alphonso

Posted by Dave Keeney on August 20, 1999 at 17:27:23:

Does anyone have any information on this line of Keeney's.

Alexander Keeney, Spouse, Martha Miner. Son Timothy.

Timothy Keeney, b. bef 1787, Eng, Spouse Annie Franklin, b. bef. 1791, Eng. Son Henry Bennett.

Henry Bennett Keeney, b. 1 jan 1813, Hartford Conn. d. 15 mar 1891, Hchenry, Ill.; Spouse Mary B Munson, b. 15 aug 1817, New London, Conn. d. 13 feb 1903 Boone, Ill.

They had 10 children, Martha Gillette, Edrick H., Mary A., Donald Alphonso (my great grandfather), Winfield Scott, Amanda A., Addie M. Germain George, Alice M., Ella M.

Donald Alphonso Keeney, b. 13 jul 1844, Kane, Ill. d. 13 mar 1932, Nebraska, spouse Adeline Teressa Marvin, b. 13 jan 1852, Kane, Ill. d. 18 dec 1927, Nebraska.

They 8 children, Mary Ellen, Laura Margaret, Earnest Leroy, Edward Fry, Emma Gendetta, Arthur Erwin (my grandfather), Kathryn Lenore, Albert Bert.


Keeney's in Missouri

Posted by Melissa Keeney on August 14, 1999 at 10:26:27:

I am searching for more ancestors of the branch of  Keeney's in the Missouri and Kentucky areas. If you have any info. please email me. Thanks!


Keeneys in Michigan

Posted by Karyl Keeney Hubbard on August 09, 1999 at 12:33:19:

All those Keeneys and I can't establish a connection! My grandfather, Walter Lincoln, was the son of Daniel. Walter was born in Arcola IL. Daniel was supposedly born in Canada. The family, Daniel and Rhoda (White) Keeney and four children lived in the Grand Rapids area. That's as far as I get. Daniels parents were? Possibly Franklin (born NY according to the MI 1850 census) and Calista. Anyone able to connect this line? I'd love information! Can pretty well document from Daniel and Rhoda down, if anyone wants information.


My Keeney line

Posted by Karen Keeney McBride on August 08, 1999 at 02:22:39:

I am trying to make a link with my Keeney line. My great grandfather was Edwin Ellsworth Keeney b. 05Jan1873 in Linden,WI. His father was William Ebenezer Keeney b.02Sep1828 in Ogdensburg,NY. His father was Daniel Keeney b.29Dec1799 in Ogdensburg,NY. His father was Ebenezer Keeney born in Glastonbury,CN. He was married to Lois Lock. This is as far as I can get. I think I know where they came from but can't prove it. Anyone have any info on this they would like to share?


Clarance David Keeney

Posted by Nannette Johnson on August 07, 1999 at 15:29:59:

Just started looking into family tree. My Grandfather was Clarance David Keeney. Married to Clara N. Moe. Homesteaded in Montana. They had a daughter named Verna, 3 sons names Russell, Ray, and Norman Keeney. Any relations out there?


Miscellaneous & Reunions

Does anybody know of any family Reunions?

If so send information & I'll include it here.


New on the site:

Ray Keeney sent me some photo's

1. 1908 Wedding photo of Charles Keeney & Clara Mabel Wing.

2. The homestead in North Dakota.

3. A family picture on a river bank.

4. A picture of his wife at a young age.



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21 August 1999 20:39:13 Pacific Daylight Time

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