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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 2 # 3
February 2000


Edited by
Daniell Lee Keeney

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Welcome to the newest newsletter members:

Descendants of

 Generations 1 - 3 are from Lisa's database

Generations 4 - 8 are from Earl Graham

8 Generations of the

Descendants of Peter Keeney

following the ancestor & descendant line for Moses b. 1821

Generation No. 1

1. PETER1 KEENEY1,2,3 was born Abt. 1740 in poss Virginia or Germany3, and died Unknown. He married ANN YOAKUM, ?3 Abt. 17624,5. She died Unknown.


Notes from Connie Lane's family history:

1) land grant in 1782 in Fayette Co., KY

2) tax list 1789 Mercer Co., KY

3) witness Will of Mathias Yokum 1/1780 in ...

4) Botetourt Co., VA probated 2/1783 Lincoln Co., KY


2. i. MOSES2 KEENEY, b. Abt. 1770, North Carolina or Pulaski Co., KY; d. December 05, 1846, Pulaski County, Kentucky.


Generation No. 2

2. MOSES2 KEENEY (PETER1)5 was born Abt. 1770 in North Carolina or Pulaski Co., KY6,7,8, and died December 05, 1846 in Pulaski County, Kentucky9,10,11. He married CATHERINE PENCE12,13 December 23, 1792 in Madison County, Kentucky14,15. She was born Abt. 1770 in North Carolina or Pulaski Co., KY16,17,18, and died Abt. 1829 in Pulaski County, Kentucky19,20.


Moses Keeney is believed to have died between December 5, 1846 and January 18, 1847. The will was filed January 18, 1847.

Moses Keeney's 2nd wife, Catherine Stogsdill, is Elizabeth Stogsdill's (Abner Keeney's wife) sister. He had children with her also.

Ref. notes from Blanche Keeney, 1981

Notes from Connie Lane: Moses' birth: 1770 in North Carolina, Moses' death: 1851 in Texas Co., Missouri


Fact 2: Baptist, trustee of the Baptist Church at Rocklick, Pulaski Co., KY20

Fact 4: Peter Keeny farm, Pulaski Co., Kentucky20


According to source: WFT Vol 2, Ed 1, tree #0251, Blanche Keeney Stephens/

Marriage date December 13, 1792.


3. i. HENRY W.3 KEENEY, b. Abt. 1798, Madison, KY; d. 1879, Pulaski Co., KY.


Generation No. 3

3. HENRY W.3 KEENEY (MOSES2, PETER1)20 was born Abt. 1798 in Madison, KY21,22, and died 1879 in Pulaski Co., KY23,24. He married ELIZABETH WADDLE24 June 30, 1819 in Pulaski Co., KY25,26. She was born Abt. 1801 in Pulaski Co., KY27,28, and died Aft. 1870 in Pulaski Co., KY29,30.


4. i. MOSES4 KEENEY, b. July 23, 1821, Pulaski Co., KY; d. April 09, 1891, Pulaski Co., KY.


Generation No. 4

4. MOSES4 KEENEY (HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1)30 was born July 23, 1821 in Pulaski Co., KY31,32,33, and died April 09, 1891 in Pulaski Co., KY33,34,35. He married MARY ANNE SHARP(E)36 January 11, 1848 in Pulaski Co., KY37,38, daughter of JOHN SHARP and SARAH SEARS. She was born Abt. 1823 in Whitley Co., Kentucky39,40, and died May 23, 190841,42.



Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Been gone a few days.

I have Mary Anne Sharp(no e) died 5/23/1908. She was born in Whitley

Co., Ky. Her parents were John S. Sharp b-4/5/1780 and died 6/16/1856 and

Sarah Sears b-10/13/1799 and died 10/14/1856.

The other thing I see is Sarah Keeney was married to Malfred Hughes

not Huges. Everything else looks O.K.



Children of MOSES KEENEY and MARY SHARP(E) are:

5. i. THOMAS5 KEENEY, b. 1864; d. May 14, 1944.

ii. WILLIAM KEENEY42, b. 184742; d. Unknown.

iii. LOUISA KEENEY42, b. 185042; d. Unknown.

iv. SARAH KEENEY42, b. 185242; d. Unknown; m. MALFRED HUG(H)ES42, August 21, 187242; b. Unknown42; d. Unknown.


The other thing I see is Sarah Keeney was married to Malfred Hughes not Huges.


The other thing I see is Sarah Keeney was married to Malfred Hughes not Huges.


v. LUCY KEENEY42, b. 185242; d. Unknown; m. JOHN ALEXANDER42, December 31, 187242; b. Unknown42; d. Unknown.

vi. JOHN KEENEY42, b. 185642; d. October 22, 185942.

vii. SAMANTHA KEENEY42, b. 185842; d. Unknown; m. HENRY WARREN42, December 28, 187942; b. Unknown42; d. Unknown.

viii. RICHMON KEENEY42, b. 186142; d. October 23, 193042; m. LAURA COX42, November 22, 187342; b. Unknown42; d. Unknown.


Generation No. 5

5. THOMAS5 KEENEY (MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1)42 was born 186442, and died May 14, 194442. He married (1) DEBRA MORGAN42 August 14, 188442. She was born January 02, 186142, and died August 25, 188642. He married (2) MOLLY MEECE42 January 03, 188842, daughter of JAMES MEECE and MARGARET MOORE. She was born December 24, 187042, and died December 21, 194942.


i. TALMAGE6 KEENEY42, b. March 06, 188542; d. May 06, 196742.

Children of THOMAS KEENEY and MOLLY MEECE are:

6. ii. EARL6 KEENEY, b. February 18, 1889; d. May 30, 1967.

7. iii. EMMA KEENEY, b. August 06, 1896; d. December 01, 1990.


Generation No. 6

6. EARL6 KEENEY (THOMAS5, MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1)42 was born February 18, 188942, and died May 30, 196742. He married SPICY JANE SEARS42 October 04, 190842, daughter of JOHN SEARS and ELLEN NEELY. She was born September 16, 189042, and died February 11, 197842.

Children of EARL KEENEY and SPICY SEARS are:

8. i. LUCY7 KEENEY, b. Private.

ii. VOLA KEENEY42, b. February 06, 191042; d. January 27, 197742; m. IRENE LONG42, 194442; b. January 20, 191942; d. November 20, 199842.

iii. HELEN KEENEY42, b. September 25, 191342; d. August 03, 198542.

iv. MORRIS KEENEY42, b. May 06, 191642; d. February 12, 197342.

v. LLOYD KEENEY42, b. November 04, 191942; d. July 28, 196342; m. DORIS TINKER42, 194542; b. Unknown42; d. June 20, 199242.

vi. RALPH KEENEY42, b. February 08, 192542; d. July 04, 192542.

vii. FLORA KEENEY, b. Private; m. AL BARTH, Private; b. Private.

viii. RAY KEENEY42, b. April 28, 192842; d. January 11, 199042; m. LAVERNE BURBANK, Private; b. Private.


7. EMMA6 KEENEY (THOMAS5, MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1)42 was born August 06, 189642, and died December 01, 199042. She married LUTHER SCALES42 January 24, 191842. He was born January 28, 188542, and died April 20, 195442.


9. i. RUTH7 SCALES, b. Private.


Generation No. 7

8. LUCY7 KEENEY (EARL6, THOMAS5, MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1) was born Private. She married FRANK GRAHAM42 Private. He was born May 14, 189942, and died May 06, 197242.


10. i. EARL8 GRAHAM, b. Private.


9. RUTH7 SCALES (EMMA6 KEENEY, THOMAS5, MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1) was born Private. She married BOB FOWLER42 Private. He was born September 21, 192342, and died January 28, 198742.

Children of RUTH SCALES and BOB FOWLER are:

i. RICHARD8 FOWLER, b. Private.

ii. JUDY FOWLER, b. Private.

iii. DONALD FOWLER, b. Private.


Generation No. 8

10. EARL8 GRAHAM (LUCY7 KEENEY, EARL6, THOMAS5, MOSES4, HENRY W.3, MOSES2, PETER1) was born Private. He married JUDY LARGE42 Private. She was born September 18, 194942, and died June 26, 199442.

Children of EARL GRAHAM and JUDY LARGE are:

i. ANDREW9 GRAHAM, b. Private.

ii. FRANK GRAHAM, b. Private.


Editor's note

Hi Everyone ,

It's almost February, (actually it's Christmas day as I start this, and I just had two people who signed up for the newsletter today one by e-mail [E. G.] and the other {H. L.} while I was at the family Christmas gathering with my sister's children & my dad).

It usually takes about a month of editing to come up with enough data to put one of these newsletters together, but of course I don't work on it everyday.

Well it's New Years day & so far I've not found any problems on the y2k hype!

Well almost no problems, I did find 2 minor ones on the site, according to the Guestbook & the BBS the year is 19100.

The server was down starting on the 28th of December 1999, until 01 January 2000, down again on 03 January 2000,  the hosting company claims this is due to a $2,000,000.00 upgrade, so I extend my apologies to all who could not reach the site on these dates.





Looking for.....

looking for old friends Margaret and Debbie Keeney

Posted by Joe on December 28, 1999 at 03:18:09:

looking for Debbie Keeney from Indy, Manual high school class of 77 and sister Margaret Keeney, old friend just wondering how you are. Anyone with info. plse reply, Thanks, Joe

Re: family

Posted by Chanda VanDuser on January 14, 2000 at 19:41:12:

In Reply to: family posted by jim carman on September 01, 1998 at 18:55:04:

I am married to the VanDuser family trying desparetly to find ancestral lines.
What have you found? I will share whatever I know.  Chanda

Re: Keeneys of Ardara, Co. Donegal

Posted by Kevin Keeney on January 15, 2000 at 14:09:53:

In Reply to: Keeneys of Ardara, Co. Donegal posted by Patrick J. Mc Nelis on May 22, 1999 at 22:48:57:

: Patrick, I believe I am your cousin Kevin. I am the son of Eddie Keeney, your Mother's brother. My sister Nora and I were in Ireland in November and although we didn't have the opportunity to meet you, we were very blessed to meet Packie, Goretti, James, Charles and Kieran Keeney. We stopped by your brothers' homes (Aemon and Peter Oliver) but neither of them were home at the time of our visits. We had a grand time and look forward to the next trip. I live in San Diego California. My Father and Mother are alive and doing well in Florida. I have 2 brothers (Father Chalres Patrick and Captain Brendan - NYPD) My sisters Mary, Nora, Bernadette and Julia are all married and have kids of their own....Drop a line sometime, it would be nice to hear from you. God Bless, Kevin
: Just found this list, and wanted to inquire whether there are any subscribers connected to the Keeneys of Ardara, Co. Donegal. My paternal grandmother (Annie) Alice Mc Nelis (nee Keeney), 1906-1996, lived her entire life in Ardara, she was the daughter of Charlie Keeney (1870-1954) and Mary Mc Guiness.

From: Dan Smith <codansmith@hotmail.com>

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 15:39

Subject: Beth Keeney

Hello Dan:

My name is Dan Smith.  My 30th High School Reunion, Fairborn High School (class of '70) in Fairborn OH, is coming up this year and I was thinking of  some of my classmates.  A good friend was Beth Keeney; in fact, we attended the Senior Prom together.  Just wondering if you could provide any information such as an email address or if she would like to email me at
codansmith@hotmail.com.  Thank you.

Dan Smith


From the inbox.....

From: Earl Graham <SKYLINECAB@aol.com>

Date: Saturday, December 25, 1999 05:37

Subject: signup for KFG newsletter

Please sign me up for the newsletter. Here is my Keeney Line
Peter Keeney
Moses Keeney
Henry Keeney
Moses Keeney
Thomas Keeney
Earl Keeney
Lucy Keeney m Frank Graham
Earl Graham m Judy Large

many thanks would like to know more about the Keeney's

Earl Graham

From: Bill & Carol Keeney <ckeeney@eircom.net>

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 01:33

Subject: A Keeney Question

Hey Dan,

I have been meaning to email you about this and I keep forgetting.  Did you know that there is a Helen Keeney buried in the tomb of Robert E. Lee?  If you did know, do you know how she is related to the family? She was married to his grandson George Bolling Lee.   The last time I was there (which was about 5 years ago)  All I could find out was they believed she was from California.

The other thing I have been meaning to tell you is I have a copy of the archaeological dig at Fort Arbuckle in 1992.  Fort Arbuckle is the fort that was in walking distance to the Keeney Cabin in West Virginia.  The one that Michael Keeney lived in .  Bill and I met Dan Clay the farmer that owns the cabin and the site where the fort is.   He took us to the cabin and to the site of the fort.  He then gave us the copy of the dig.

Well I need to run




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If you would like to sign up for a Keeney mailing list for posting research questions click on this link KEENEY-L-request@rootsweb.com and put only the word subscribe in the message body nothing else

If anyone likes old-time radio programs such as Fibber McGee & Molly, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Jack Benny, The Lone Ranger, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Dimension X, & others, you can listen to some of them or purchase them from the following site radiospirits.com.

I found this at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~tracers/genealog.htm I got a kick out of it & thought you might like it also. There are several others on that site.

Ever wonder why you can't make heads or tails out of the census?...............

Ocupayshun, Cencus Taker

"I am a cencus takers for the city of Bufflow. Our city has groan very fast in resent yeers & now in 1865, it has become a hard & time consuming job to count all the peephill. There are not many that con do this werk, as it is nesessarie to have a ejucashun, wich a lot of pursons steal don not have. Anuther atribeart needed for this job is god speling, for meny of the peephill to be counted can hardle speek inglish, let alon spel there names!"


Keeney Family Bassinet

Posted by Susanne Greenman on January 02, 19100 at 18:12:39:

I have an old wicker bassinet which was found in the basement of a home in Boulder Creek, California. The various babies' names are inscribed on the bottom of the bassinet: Barbara Keeney, born 9/19/1924
Patti Keeney, born 12/4/1926

I assume these two were sisters. The next babies seem to be the sister's children, surnamed Wiltz and Madigan: Ellen Witlz, born 5/30/1948
Mike Madigan, born 1/27/1949
Rob Wiltz, born 1/10/1951
Linda Madigan, born 5/2/1951
Dan Wiltz, born 10/26/1954
Will Wiltz, born 1/10/1957
Kevin Wiltz, born 12/18/1959
No geographical location for the families is given.



The Keeney Reunion in Ireland

Carol Keeney has extended the deadline for the conformation until 15th of February 2000

and for receiving deposits until the 29th of February 2000

For the deposit just send her a check.   That way if she don't get enough people signed up she'll just send the check back to you.  The check WILL NOT be deposited unless plans are confirmed. Right now she has only had 5 people confirmed. That is a long way from 50.  She has had about 20 people send her emails with questions. She can extend the deposit deadline until the end of Feb.  If she don't get enough people signing up she will see what she can do for the people who do sign up.

Please note it takes approximately 7 to 10 days for airmail to arrive in Ireland so you'd need to send the deposit no later then 15 February 2000. Airmail cost is $ .60

Express mail takes 3 to 4 days. Express mail cost is $ 18.95

Does anybody know of any family Reunions? If so send information & I'll include it here.


Found online

  1. Ames Cemetery

    AMES CEMETERY Ames Cemetery, located south of Sweet Home on Hwy. 288, going south towards Holley. It was established in 1863, and is in Township 13S Range 1W, Section 36.
    Found by: WebCrawler

  2. Moses Walls Keeney & Family

    Moses WallsKeeney  & Family Moses Walls Keeney, born July 15, 1797 in Greenbrier Co., (W)V; died August 1, 1888/90 in Cabin Creek, Kanawha, WV. He was the son of Moses Keeney and Frances Harris.
    Found by: Excite

  3. Register of Negro & Mulattos

REGISTER OF NEGRO & MULATTOS - MONTGOMERY COUNTY, NOTICE: Is hereby given that all Negroes and Mulattoes who were inhabitants of the State of Indiana, prior to the first day of November, A.D. 1851, and entitled to reside therein, are required to appear before the clerk of the Circuit Circuit Court for registry.
Found by: WebCrawler


Updated & new e-mail addresses

NameOld AddressNew Address
Phil HermanTTTTTTTTTThermanph@sosbbs.com
Heather Erin Lewisrrrrrrrrrrhel9000@hotmail.com
Earl Graham99999999skylinecab@aol.com

23 January 2000 17:35:00 Pacific Standard Time

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