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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Special Edition
September 2001
www.keeneyklan.comEdited by
Dan Keeney

Table of Contents

Ramblings Welcome The Inbox..
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Hello Everyone,

This Special Edition is being posted due to recent events.

   I know everyone knows about what happened in New York City & Washington D.C. on 11 September 2001, it was a tragic event and many lives were lost, many families lost their loved ones and I send my condolences out to them.
   On the 13th of September I received an e-mail that is making the rounds on the Internet see below, I won't forward an e-mail until after I checked it out, which I did with this one because it did not seem to be true, the attributed date for Nostradamus was what didn't seem right, so I ran a search and found a site that shows it's a hoax and why.

   There are a couple of the regular items in this issue.

  1. I added a new directory on the 3rd of September for Paul Lange.

  2. Their is a new subscriber

   The regular October issue will be posted on or about the 28th of September.



Welcome to the newest subscriber

Kay Wilson redeemed@carolina.rr.com 


From the inbox..

From: Susan susan.ellsworth@pobox.com
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001 12:37
Subject: Friday night candles

Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism.  Please pass this to everyone on your e-mail list.  We need to reach everyone across
the United States quickly.


We need press to cover this-- we need the world to see.

From: Len Keeney lkeeney@sympatico.ca
Thursday, September 13, 2001 18:14
Subject: Re: Scary


 The complete quote goes:

 In the year of the new century and nine months,
 From the sky will come a great King of Terror...
 The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
 Fire approaches the great new city..."
 "In the city of york there will be a great collapse,
 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos
 while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
 the third big war will begin when the big city is burning"


 He said this will be bigger than the previous two.
 2001 is the first year of the new century and this is the 9th  month.
 New York is located at the 41st degree Latitude.

  I believe this is a scam that's floating around. It's the second time I've received a similar message, the last time was about 2 months ago.
   If anyone would fall for this it would open their account to the sender, and you'd wind up with nothing.

   Due to the nature of the e-mail below I will not keep it "confidential" as the writer requested, but my policy on genealogy that is sent in & requested to be kept private will be kept that way until I receive instructions otherwise.

From: Alex Bedie <alex_bedie@yahoo.co.uk>
Tuesday, September 04, 2001 05:32

With your attention

Confidential business,

Do not be astonish by how I could get your address , it is while seeking on Internet that I found it. I found some several but it is only yours personality which has interested me. I am  from the Ivory Coast, My name is Alex Bedie, the little brother of the ex-President of the Republic of C�te.d'ivoire Henri Konan BEDIE driven out of the country in December 99. What I will say to you now is strictly confidential and I count on you to keep it secret, Do not reveal this business to other people.

During the takeovers by force of 99 in Abidjan, my brother and me had escaped bound for Lome the capitalTogo.  While leaving Abidjan, my brother had an amount of money ofUSS (twenty one million us dollar.)when we Arrived to Lome, due to the political situation in this country we were unable to reside in this country my brother and his family was obliged more precisely to continue the road towards Europe in France. But while leaving President BEDIE said to me that he could not bring these funds with him in France. I am currently in possession of the USS21.000.000.00 and I am on the point of leaving Lome more especially as these elections that will approach may only worsen the situation . I ask for your assistance to be able to transfer the funds on your own account which you will keep  very discreetly and I will pay you 20%. Then I will pay 5% to the lawyer who defends and who ensures the transfer of the funds. The remainder when   I come in your country you help me to invest it on the spot. I hope that thiswill draw your best attention.

Alex B�di�

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   Paul Lange has some pages on Keeney's on his site including a few photos (click on images in the photo wheel), a page on Arthur B. Keeney, and one on Harry W. Keeney.

   He also has a page on Manchester, CT Keeney Questions. which is also mirrored on this site, I did reformat it so it can be printed easier, but the content is the same.


Tuesday, 11 September 2001
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