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Keeney Family Genealogy
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Volume 3 # 11  October 2001 k-f-g-online.infoEdited by Dan Keeney

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   Hello Everyone,

   I know everyone knows about what happened in New York City, Pennsylvania & Washington D.C. on 11 September 2001, it was a tragic event and many lives were lost, many families lost their loved ones and I send my condolences out to them. There is a new page where you can send in your feelings & thoughts on the current situation that we face as a nation.

   In the last regular issue I didn't get section 10 of Wagon Ruts West done, so this time, sections 10 & 11 have been posted, both of which are fairly short.

   This month there is only one Keeney Update that was added to the site, as the next one in line is a large issue, and Patsy did not get a chance to finish working on it, as one of her sisters was involved in a car accident and wound up being in hospital for a while. Let's hope her sister gets well soon.

    There was not a lot of e-mail this past month so I didn't include the From the inbox.. section this time, most of what I got has been added in the Miscellaneous section & to the new page mentioned above.

   I still need you the subscribers of this newsletter to send in family stories and such.



Welcome to the newest Subscriber.

Betty Keeney Jordan  BJo4129211@aol.com


Keeney Update.

volume 4 number 1 December 1986



Bill & Carol Keeney have a new daughter:
Abigail Niamh (pronounced Neeiv) Keeney was born on September 18, 2001 at 7:03 pm. She weighed 7lbs and was 19.5 inches long.

Mike Vincent's wife Cecelia, passed away suddenly early Saturday morning, September 22, 2001.
Both Mike & Cecelia are descendants of
William Keeney and Agnes Douglas.

From the Guest book

Leumoin Keeney Parton
9/22/2001, 6:51 PM
My middle name is my mother's maiden name. She is the daughter of C. B. (Columbus Blaine) Keeney. My Grandfather was Born in Bradley County Tennessee in 1886. I would like to hear from anyone who might be related.

The following states have towns or cities named Keeney.

  1. Keeney, Delaware in New Castle County

  2. Keeney, New York in Cortland County

  3. Keeney, Pennsylvania in York County

Ralph R. Keeney's Wagon Ruts West
installments  10 & 11

From the Message Board

Rebecca Williams Keeney Robberson..OR

Posted by Kimm Robberson on September 09, 2001 at 01:27:20:
Looking information about gg grandmother Rebecca. She was the daughter of Elis P. Williams. She had many brothers and sisters..She married William D. Keeney. Children Walter and Gertrude. they divorced She remarried Harland F Robberson they had three son's Carl, Torvil and Claire (my grandfather). They all lived in Oregon..
You're help would be gladly apprecated..
Thank you, Kimm Robberson


Contributed Items.

Susan Keeney sent this to me a while back and it was first placed in vol. 1 no. 3 February 1999 of this newsletter under Family Stories. Since Halloween is this month I thought I'd put this one of the 3 in this issue.
Susan was married last year & I've lost contact with her, as her e-mail address is no longer valid.

 Halloween, 1919

(Russell Lowell Keeney "Poppy")
   Poppy went to Pittsboro High School with a class of about 10 students. The Halloween of his senior year, 1919, the Senior Class decided to have a “little” fun They did the mundane at first, throwing seed corn at windows and the like, but then they got really creative.

   They took the milkman’s Model A Ford truck to the lumber yard and managed to hoist it on top of a large pile of lumber. They fenced in an intersection of two county roads and stocked the intersection with animals borrowed from the nearest farm. They took corn shocks from a neighboring field and put those in the fence to feed the animals, since they all knew the importance of keeping the stock well fed. 

   Now, as no real damage was done to the fence, the animals or the milkman’s truck, no one was the worse for wear, except the milkman’s temper, and no one got in trouble.


Friday, 28 September 2001

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