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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 3 # 12
 November 2001

k-f-g-online.info Edited by
 Dan Keeney

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Keeney Update

The Inbox..

Contributed items


Hello Everyone,
This will be the last monthly issue unless someone sends something in to be included, at this time I plan on going quarterly with the next issue. The purpose of this site & the newsletter is to share information, and connect with other Keeney researchers.

 Back in August I received an e-mail with the subject line of  Korean War Reconciliation, that dealt with a George P. Keeney that was killed in action. I've put the original e-mail & my response below in the Inbox section along with the Reply from Bud that was sent through the postal system, if anyone wants to send a reply to Bud send it to me & I will forward it by post to his home.

   The Keeney Update issue that I'd planned on putting up for November did not get completed and I've been waiting for it to get sent in, but I guess things are a bit busy for the volunteer at this point in time, I wish her and her family the best, and thank her for the time and effort she has spent in helping to get the updates transcribed for all of us.

   In that I'm not planning to put out another issue soon, I wish everyone the best for the upcoming holiday seasons and hope Chritmas & New Year brings peace to all.



Welcome to the newest Subscribers

Rhonda Gonzales gonzalesrh@uscolo.edu
Erik K. Keeney ekeeney@pyramidelectrical.com


The inbox...

From: Pat
Monday, October 15, 2001 19:52
Subject: Keeney ancestor

Hi Dan!
Can you help me ? You were recommended by Bill. I have a Keeney Great Grandmother. I am looking for info about her father. His name was James Keeney. He married Mary Catherine White May 3,1866 in McLean County, Ill. I know that they had at least 2 kids' a boy and a girl. The daughter was Alvina (Mina) Keeney later Craig, Her brother went back east to New York.
Any help or ideas, I will be thankful for



From: Pat
Monday, October 15, 2001 21:34
Subject: Re: Keeney ancestor

Bill Korrigan said that you might have some info. I was just looking at your fantastic website. What you and the others have done is above and  beyond. I hope you can help me out with any info. I just remembered a story, my James had family back in New York. Many years later, my father's brother looked up James's son's family. There he met Alice Collins. They fell in love and got married. They were 2nd cousins. Her grandfather and my great grandmother were brother and sister. I think that something must have happened to James because Mary Catherine White Keeney remarried in 1888. a William Honnor and they moved to Nebraska.
Thank you for any info, hints, suggestions. I am pretty good at research and am willing to help find keeneys.



From: Victoria Haynes Joseph 
Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 13:34

Keeney family of Lawrence county, Ohio

Hello!  I am trying to find out about the Lorenza Keeney family.  Lorenza was born in 1837 and died in 1911. He was married to Leah Ann Wilson, born 1838 and died in 1925. They had seven children, William, Ota, John, Joseph, Cornelia, Annie, and Myrtle.  They lived on a large dairy and fruit farm in Chesapeake, Ohio. That is right across from Huntington, Wv.  If you can give me any information, it would be such a blessing. I am trying to find the pedigree for Harry Haynes who was married to Myrtle Keeney.  He was a full-blooded Chippewa indian..

Victoria Haynes Joseph        E=mail vj042846@aol.com


From: Chummy62
To: dan@keeneyklan.com
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 15:34
Subject: Korean War Reconciliation

Good Afternoon Mr. Dan Keeney,
I represent a friend named “Bud” who was in the Korean War.  He was present when GEORGE P KEENEY was killed in action on 22 September 1952.  He would like to apologize to any surviving family members for not being able to prevent George’s death. Bud served with George in the 279th Infantry Regiment in the 45th Infantry Division.  George was from Kings County California and was born in 1929. 
If there is anything you can do to help, I would greatly appreciate it.  Bud is one of the best people I have had the opportunity to call a friend.
Please reply to this e-mail.  Thank You.
Stanley Falor

In reply I sent the following:

Hi Stanley Falor,
What can I do to help?
It was a time of war and no one person could prevent every death, since you can't tell what is going to happen next.

I have an online newsletter, & if Bud would like to say anything about George in it he can send it to me.

Mr. Daniell Lee Keeney
P.O. Box 208 Sunland, California 91041-0208
www.keeneyklan.com  dan@keeneyklan.com dan.keeney@gte.net

List Administrator for KEENEY-L & KEENEY-D @ rootsweb.com

Here is Bud's reply (which came through the postal system):

Dear Sir,
First of all please allow me to say that I am sorry for taking so long in answering your e-mail that was sent to "Chummy 62" back in August.

My real name is Okey Dewitt, my nick name is Bud. I really don't know how to start, as I have so much to say about that day.

On that day, I was going down the hill, that we were on, to get supplies. I was a 18 yr. old PFC doing a sgts job. I really didn't know what I was doing. Anyway George was one who I wanted to look out for so I ask him to remain on the Hill and watch the switch board.

He repeatedly ask to go with myself and another soldier to get the supplies. I finally agreed to let him go. When we neared the top of the hill, we heard incoming mortar rounds. Myself and the other soldier (not George) ran and jumped into the trench which encircled the Hill.

I ran quickly back to the switch board for I knew that with the shelling going on I would be needed. I honestly thought that George was right behind us and that he was just taking his time getting back.

I realize that I wasn't at fault. However since that day I have had twisted insides thinking that if I had made him stay on the hill as I wanted him to and if I had used my authority as I should have, George may be alive today.

And so my friend, I ask for any and all forgiveness from you and your family. I will never forget, I still shed tears, but at least I have had a chance to say that I am sorry to you and whom ever else that he loved.

Thank you sir from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget this.

Okey Dewitt


Keeney UpDate

No issue completed this month

Roscoe's Keeney Update



Carol Keeney sent in some pictures of Abigail you can see them by clicking on her name.


How to confuse your descendants

1. Thou shalt name thy male children: James, John, Jonathan, Richard, William
2. Thou shalt give more then one child the same or similar names: John,  & Jonathan.
3. Thou shalt name thy female children: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Ann.  
4. Thou shalt leave NO trace of your female children.
5. Thou shalt, after naming thy children from the above lists, call them by strange nicknames such as: Ike, Eli, Polly, Dolly. --- making them difficult to trace.
6. Thou shalt NOT use any middle names on any legal documents or census reports, and only where necessary, you may use only initials on legal documents.
7. Thou shalt ALWAYS flip thy name around. If born John David, thou must make all the rest of thy records in the names of David, John, JD, or even DJ.
8. Thou shalt, after no more then 3 generations, make sure that all family records are lost, misplaced, burned in a court house fire, or buried so that NO future trace of  them can be found.
9. Thou shalt propagate misleading legends, rumors, & vague innuendo regarding your  place origination:
A. Thou may have come from : England, Ireland, Scotland .... or Germany
B. Thou may have descended from one of 3 brothers that came over from____?
C. Thou may have American Indian ancestry of the______tribe.
10. Thou shalt leave NO family Bible with records of birth, marriages, or deaths.
11. Thou shalt leave NO cemetery records, or headstones with legible names.
12. Thou shalt learn to sign all documents illegibly so that thy surname can be spelled, or misspelled, in various ways: Keeney, Keney, Keene, Keaney, Kenney, Kinny........
13. Thou must also flip thy parent's names when making reference to them, although "Unknown" or a blank line is an acceptable alternative.
14. Thou shalt name at least 5 generations of males, and dozens of their cousins with identical names in order to totally confuse researchers.

From the Guest book

Full Name: Dee Keeney Ferguson
Date & Time: 10/2/2001, 8:38 PM
Comments: Does anyone know of the William Ebenezer Keeney family in WI? I am a great granddaughter of him and Ann E. Goldthorpe. W.E. Keeney's granddaughter, Lorena lives there now, she's 91.
Good to see so many Keeneys out there.
Full Name: Katherine Keeney
Date & Time: 10/14/2001, 3:14 PM
Comments: I am a Keeney and would be interrested in finding distant family members. I love your website and hope to learn about other keeneys. Thank you very much....
-Katherine Keeney-


Contributed Items

This was sent in by Carol Keeney back in August of '99 and was in the September '99 issue of this newsletter.

The limbs that move, the eyes that see,
These are not entirely me;
Dead men and women helped to shape
The mold which I do not escape;
The words I speak, my written line,
These are not uniquely mine.
For in my heart and in my will
Old ancestors are warring still,
Celt, Roman, Saxon, and all the dead
From whose rich blood my veins are fed,
In aspect, gesture, voices, tone,
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone;
In fields they tilled I plow the sod,
I walk the mountain paths they trod;
And round my daily steps arise
The good and bad of those I comprise.

          ~ By English poet Richard Rolle, written over 600 years ago


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