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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 3 # 1
 December 2000
www.k-f-g-online.info Edited by:
Daniell Keeney

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From the Inbox...


Descendants of

Ramblings (formerly Editors Note)
Christmas Story

Contributed items

A Genealogist’s Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Hello Everyone,

   It's the 29th of October as I start on this issue & I have gotten  three notices kicked back as non-deliverable, (e-mail addresses no good), the message I got on each is in red, so if anyone knows how to contact any of the following people have them get in touch with me.

1. Cathy Miller cjm531@airmail.net unknown user

    (new address located I had Cathy's new address & didn't realize that I did.)

2. Linda K. Kilburn Linwood5@webtv.net User unknown

3. Gena Gilbert Gatlin genag@eots.com Host unknown

   This issue starts the third year of the Keeney Family Genealogy online newsletter, there were 22 issues in the first two years. And it's getting hard to come up with data on my own, I do thank those of you who have sent items in. But if you want me to continue to do this as a monthly newsletter, I need HELP, I made a few suggestions in the November issue on things that can be sent in & I'm sure that there are others you can think of, even if you only send in a suggestion as to what I could add.

In the past year I've DROPPED the following items from the newsletter for one reason or another.

1. From the Keeney Update, dropped in January 2000

2. Family Stories, dropped in February 2000

3. Keeney's in, dropped in March 2000

4. Found online, dropped in August 2000

There have been others that were renamed or just put under Miscellaneous.

    I've decided to do the newsletter on an occasional  basis unless I get enough new data to warrant an issue every month. (I think I'm beginning to understand how Roscoe feels).

   Now down to computers & viruses, for those of you that don't have antivirus software I found a site that will scan your computer for viruses for free http://housecall.antivirus.com/ & thought it would be something that some of you may want to check out.

   I run antivirus software on my computer at least once a week, and even though I do I still wound up getting one today (05 November 2000) the software caught it & I had to do a manual delete on it, but at least I don't have to worry about spreading it.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

If you'd like a little Christmas music, choose any of the links below.




Peace on Earth


  What Child is this?


  Away in the Manger


  Christmas In Killarney


  Carol of the Bells


  Joy to the World




  Silent Night


  O little Town


  Jingle Bells  Big Band style


  Grandma got ran over


  Go Tell It on the Mountain


  Christmas Medley

Nollaig Shona


Welcome to the newest Members

These are the newest members:

From the inbox.....

From: Ray Keeney

Date: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 15:19

Subject: Keeney Family

Dear Dan,

Just a little more Keeney info.

Death of Norma, wife of Ivan, son of Lloyd; 21 March 1999
Death of Charlotte, daughter of Charles, 30 March 1999
Death of Emil, Husband of Charlotte, 21 October 1999

    I also have some information about a Keeney family that settled in the North West. This was sent to me by a Merle Keeney in the Eugene Oregon area, a descendant of this family. I'm wondering if John David (1714) could have been one of, or a descendant of one of the three brothers mentioned on page 50 paragraph 4 of the attachment. I hope the attachments come through.

    Have you received anything more about the Ogden Keeney House and the token. This must have been from this same Keeney family. My grandson that lives in Pocatello Idaho sent me a clipping about the Keeney Ferry, [Riverside Ferry] mentioned  on page 51 paragraph 6 of the attachment.
    Cousin, Ray

(To see the attachments see Contributed items)

From: Don McGlothlen

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2000 19:54


I would like to see all the Keeney Updates eventually scanned and available (At least their text) on line.  I wonder if Roscoe Keeney would be willing to supply as set to you for that purpose?  It would be a formidable job, though. Roscoe is getting up in years and I'm concerned that the Keeney Update resource, even though laced with error from incompletely researched data submitted to Roscoe, will be lost to general use.  The Seattle Public Library has a few of the Keeney Update issues that someone has donated, but they are only a few of the many printed.  I found them very interesting to read.

Don McG
PS  If you did this at a rate of perhaps one per month, you'd always have something for the newsletter!!

My reply in part sent the same day:

I've asked Roscoe before about doing just that, but he has never replied to the question. I have been able to obtain about 90% of the issues that he has put out. though some of the photo copies are a bit washed out.

Maybe if someone else asked him if it was alright for me to do it he'd answer.

Contributed items

Ray Keeney sent in 3 scanned pages of a book ("In The Beginning," written by Martha Steinbacher )., each image is a link so you can click on it to see a larger version.

chapter 18 p 50.jpg (186593 bytes)  chapter 18 p 51.jpg (199533 bytes)  chapter 18 p 52.jpg (206615 bytes)

Also from Ray:

The Idaho Tri-weekly Statesman in 1864 published the following advertisement:


The traveling public are invited to take notice that the above  ferry is now completed and furnished with good new boats and careful attendants. The ferry is located at the most eligible crossing on the  Snake River for travel from California, Oregon and Washington Territory. To and from Boise City and Idaho City, of  which all must be convinced who once try the route. Being furnished with buoy lines, and the largest boats, it is believed to be the safest ferry on the Snake River.

J. Keeney
John Duval
J. McLaughlin

When the steamboat Shoshone was built at the mouth of the Boise river in 1866, the vessel disrupted Keeney's ferry service. He had to drop his wire rope to allow the steamer navigation of the river, but within three months the Shoshone was laid up for want of fuel wood. In 1870, Jonathon Keeney, because of illness, sold his ferry. In 1902 the ferry was discontinued when the interstate bridge was completed at Nyssa.

Is it possible that the J. McLaughlin could be a relative too?
 Cousin, Ray

Updated & new e-mail addresses

Since the purpose of this site is to get researchers & those interested in Keeney genealogy together here is the current list of newsletter members.

Names in RED can no longer  be reached with with the included address.

1 Alice & Bill P. Ferguson alwmferg1@juno.com


Alyson Jean Keeney aly928@aol.com
3 Angela Keeney alkeeney@earthlink.net
4 Ann Mcdonald Almmcd@aol.com
5 Barb Hunter bhunter142@aol.com
6 Betty C. Richards brichards@bak.rr.com
7 Bill & Carol Keeney ckeeney@eircom.net
8 Bill Keeney billkeeney8211@dynasty.net
9 Carol J. Shaw brshaw@kornet.net
10 Cathy Meador Babybop217@aol.com
11 Cathy Miller cathy@pc-etc.com
12 Cheryl Graf CHERYLG1111@hotmail.com
13 Cindy Marcell cm@sfths.sft434.k12.ks.us
14 D. Reith, Sr. DReithsr@aol.com
15 Daniel A. Keeney daniel@keeney.com
16 Daniel Keeney Tillmanns tillmanns@earthlink.net
17 Dave Keeney dkeeney@pobox.com
18 Donald C. McGlothlen donmcglothlen@yahoo.com
19 Dwight Leon Keeney D_Keeney@email.msn.com
20 Earl Graham SKYLINECAB@aol.com
21 Edward Keeney ekeeney@gol.com
22 F. D. Keeney FDKEENEY@aol.com
23 Fred Keeney jerrykeeney@worldnet.att.net
24 Gena Gilbert Gatlin genag@eots.com
25 Heather Erin Lewis hel9000@hotmail.com
26 Janice Hudnall PBassboat@aol.com
27 Jeanette & Ed Robison ejrob@bright.net
28 Joan Carolyn Keeney maraba@sierratel.com
29 John & Jackie Helcl JohnH@state.net
30 John N. Turley jturley@mcelroymetal.com
31 Lana Kline lkline@oregontrail.net
32 Laura Love Llalaltl@aol.com
33 Leilani Lori Keeney lzwitch@yahoo.com
34 Len Keeney lkeeney@sympatico.ca
35 Linda K. Kilburn Linwood5@webtv.net
36 Linndell Scarbrough linndell@pacific.net
37 Lisa Volm MLOV@aol.com
38 Mike Keeney mwkeeney@kih.net
39 Mike Vincent Mike-Vincent@email.msn.com
40 Patsy Litten  peglund@ticon.net
41 Peter W. Keaney p.keaney@lineone.net
42 Phil Herman hermanph@sosbbs.com
43 Richmond Max Keeney maxkeeney@erols.com
44 Robert Keeney keeney@intercom.net
45 Russ Keeney rkeen123@usmo.com
46 Sheree Lynn Keeney reeskee@hotmail.com
47 Susan D. (Keeney) Durnil s.keeney@att.net
48 Susan Jennings scjenn@bridgemicro.com
49 Thomas Oaks Keeney TOK5150@aol.com
50 Wendy Ayers wa007@door.net
51 Wilbert & Sharon Galitz shgalitz@yahoo.com
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