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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 3 # 2  January 2001

k-f-g-online.info Edited by Dan Keeney

Table of Contents


Hello Everyone,

Have a safe & Happy New Year.

    Don McGlothlen wrote to Roscoe and we now have permission  to include past issues of the Keeney Update in this newsletter, I'll have worked up a list of the issues that I have on hand and will be attempting to get copies of those that I do not have. If anyone has copies that I don't have please let me know.

    Please remember that the Keeney Update is published by Roscoe C Keeney, Jr. and not by me, each issue of the Keeney Update that is included in this newsletter WILL carry Roscoe's byline. And each issue will be placed in it's own sub folder in a directory which is named Roscoe,

    In that this is going to be a monumental task I'm asking for volunteers to help with transcribing each issue. As it would probably be best to have a printable text version in addition to just a graphic image.

    Don also made another suggestion that I'm going to try and get permission to do, this is to serialize the book Wagon Ruts West by Ralph Ray Keeney.

    If you use windows & want a FREE genealogy program. The Millennia Corporation has made, Legacy 3.0 available free of charge. http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/

   And as if I didn't have enough to do just keeping up with this site I volunteered to maintain the 7 Keeney message boards on Rootsweb & became the list administrator for RootsWeb's KEENEY mailing list (KEENEY-L).



Welcome to the newest subscribers


Keeney Update volume 1 number 1 December 1983

Roscoe's Keeney Update


From the inbox.....

From: Sean Keeney
Date: Friday, 08 December, 2000 11:46

    Greetings to all the Keeney Clan from Belfast
Sean Keeney, Clonard,  Belfast Ireland

Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 06:26
Subject: Signup for KFG Newsletter

    I have only just now found your site. What a thrill. My mothers'  maiden is KEENEY. She was born in Glenties Co. Donegal, Ireland to Neil KEENEY & Rose McCABE It would be great to find others researching that area....................Linda Doran


Descendants of Daniel Keeney

Generation No. 1

1. DANIEL1 KEENEY was born 16 May 1795, and died 09 March 1876. He married MARY SHIPE 25 December 1818. She was born 15 December 1802, and died 25 September 1876.

Children of DANIEL KEENEY and MARY SHIPE are:

i. REBECCA2 KEENEY, b. 15 October 1820; d. 27 July 1901; m. // SHOES; d. Unknown.

ii. UN-NAMED BABY KEENEY, b. 15 July 1822; d. Unknown.

iii. ELIZABETH KEENEY, b. 13 August 1823; d. Unknown.

iv. LEVI KEENEY, b. 25 February 1826; d. 07 January 1851.

v. ISAAC KEENEY, b. 19 January 1828; d. 17 November 1898.

2. vi. JOHN KEENEY, b. 09 May 1830; d. 16 February 1907.

vii. ABRAHAM KEENEY, b. 13 August 1832; d. Unknown.

viii. HENRY KEENEY, b. 12 January 1835; d. Unknown.

ix. MARY ANNA KEENEY, b. 29 July 1837; d. Unknown.

x. DANIEL KEENEY, b. 25 August 1839; d. Unknown.

xi. KATHERINE KEENEY, b. 11 November 1841; d. 16 October 1930; m. VANKIRK; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 KEENEY (DANIEL1) was born 09 May 1830, and died 16 February 1907. He married ELLEN HARRIS 14 September 1854, daughter of ELI HARRIS and KATHERINE CLOUSE. She was born 04 July 1835, and died 13 June 1897.

Children of JOHN KEENEY and ELLEN HARRIS are:

i. FRANK P.3 KEENEY, b. 09 March 1856; d. 29 March 1939.

3. ii. MARK H. KEENEY, b. 13 May 1857; d. 11 June 1937.

iii. ELLA B. KEENEY, b. 06 November 1858; d. 17 June 1935; m. BIRMINGHAM; d. Unknown.

iv. GEORGE S. KEENEY, b. 21 September 1862; d. 19 November 1908.

v. FLORA J. KEENEY, b. 25 July 1865; d. 25 July 1869.

vi. VIRGINIA KEENEY, b. 02 July 1870; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 3

3. MARK H.3 KEENEY (JOHN2, DANIEL1) was born 13 May 1857, and died 11 June 1937. He married JENNIE E. CHARLTON 03 April 1884. She was born 25 November 1855, and died 02 April 1923.


i. ETHEL MAY4 KEENEY, b. 04 April 1885; d. 11 August 1902.

ii. GEORGE C. KEENEY, b. 26 May 1887; d. 1963.

iii. ELLEN M. KEENEY, b. 17 November 1889; d. 1946.

4. iv. MARK H. KEENEY, JR., b. 16 September 1895; d. 24 December 1979.

v. BABY GIRL KEENEY, b. 26 December 1898; d. 26 December 1898.


Cause of Death: Still born

Generation No. 4

4. MARK H.4 KEENEY, JR. (MARK H.3, JOHN2, DANIEL1) was born 16 September 1895, and died 24 December 1979. He married ESTRE LORETTA COTTRELL 25 June 1938, daughter of RICHARD COTTRELL and JOSEPHINE RICHTER. She was born 14 December 1909, and died 26 September 1984.

Children of MARK KEENEY and ESTRE COTTRELL are: Not listed here to protect their privacy & that of their children & grandchildren since they are still living.



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This came by e-mail:

Hi!  My name is Brent Boyer the great great grandson of Mary Louise Keeney who was b. 30 June 1828 in Onondaga Co., NY; and married Milan Ellis also from Onondaga Co., NY sometime before 1851; they had 3 or 4 children in NY; then moved to Tioga Co., PA sometime after 1857 and had 4 or 5 more children; they died there, he d. 1888 and she d. 4 Mar 1908; I have a nice  picture of her taken in 1895 when she was 67 yrs. old.  I'm in the process of trying to find out who her parents were, in that process I came across your site and am most appreciative of all the very helpful information you have provided.  I'm new at this computer stuff.
   Thanks so very much and if you are interested, I'll let you know what I find out about this lady and her life.  I think it is an interesting one.

From the message board

John Keeney and Sarah Webster

Posted by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman on December 23, 2000 at 10:30:22:


Donald Lines Jacobus and Edgar Francis Waterman, Hale, House, and Related Families, (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1978, c1952), p. 587 and also Donald Lines Jacobus, “John Case Family of Glastonbury, Conn. ” The American Genealogist (July 1949) 25:205-206.

Sarah Webster m. John Keeney [b. 1699] son of Joseph Keeney and Hannah Hills [not John Keeney b. 1712]. John Keeney (b.22 May 1699) m. 1st Mercy Smith, b. abt. 1706, dau of Samuel and Mary (Church) Smith and 2nd after 1749, Sarah (Webster) Case, b. at Glastonbury, 13 Jan 1718/19, dau of Jonathan and Esther (Judd) Webster, widow of John Case.

On 17 July 1727 Jonathan Webster’s deed from John & Mercy Keeny. Wee John Keeny and Mercy his wife of the Town of Hartford in the County of Hartford … for 30L to Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury … a piece of land partly in Glastonbury and partly in Hartford bounded west upon the Connecticut River, east on present county road, north on land in the improvement of the widow Mary Smith and south on the land of Mary Smith the younger … [Glastonbury, Hartford Co, CT DB 3:156]

On 18 Feb. 1746/7, Jonathan Webster of Hartford conveyed for love to his son-in-law John Case and Sarah his wife of Glastonbury [Glastonbury Deeds, 5:26]. This deed seems to have been missed by the compilers of the Webster Genealogy, which states that Sarah Webster married a Keeney, that being proved by her father's will.

The inventory of the estate of John Case of Glastonbury was taken 1 July 1749 by Jonathan Webster of Glastonbury and Timothy Porter, Jr., of Hartford. Jonathan Webster was surety on the bond of the widow, Sarah Case. The small estate was insolvent and half of it was set out to the widow. [Manwaring's Digest, 3:521.]"

Therefore Sarah Webster Case m. John Keeney after this 1749 inventory and before Jonathan Webster’s will was written in 14 Sep 1758 where he names his dau Sarah Keeney [Hartford Wills from the Webster Genealogy]

While all of this was going on, our John Keeney [b. 1712] was having children: Anna b. 1739, Mark b. 1740, Ephrium b. 1742, Mary B. 1746, Esther b. 1754 and more. Our John Keeney was in the deed records of Stratford, Fairfield Co. from 1737 to 1752 and in Kent, Litchfield Co. from 1752 to 1774 and in Washington in 1784. It would have been quite unlikely for Sarah Webster Case who was married to John Case up until his death in 1749 to have been the mother of these children b. 1739 to 1754.

A family story

From Carolena Deeney RRDEENEY@aol.com

Here's an interesting story written by an Aunt.
Adeline Mathilda Keeney was the daughter of James Kimber Keeney & Lucinda B. Pemberton and the granddaughter of William S.. Keeney & Jane Simmons

Grandma Floyd
by Jean (Floyd)  McKillips

    She was born Adeline Mathilda Keeney on January 13, 1876, in Iowa. She was 16 when she married Grandpa.  She adored him (as he did her) and it was a love affair that would last 58 years, until he passed away.

    She had a vivid imagination, a quick wit and a zest for living that many people would envy. One of my favorite memories is of telling stories of when she was young. She had a way of telling it so you almost felt like you were right there taking part in it. Besides mothering her own brood (she had six) she mothered all the other kids of the neighborhood. Like so many women of her time, she had a special talent for nursing and for a time when they lived in Beloit, she worked with old Dr. Thayer as a nurse and midwife. She helped many a new life into the world, including several of her own grandchildren.

    When we were kids, she was never too busy to play games with us, sometimes making up games if we were bored with the old ones. She always encouraged us to have our dreams, and to follow them if possible.  She told me once the only thing to worry about was today, yesterday was gone and tomorrow was not here yet. She had a keen sense of humor, she always could see the humorous side of the situation but she did not treat life lightly.

   I remember once when I was about 6 years old, we had a family picnic and during the day she found a nest of pheasant eggs. We had chickens and a broody hen. I do not remember how many eggs or how many chicks were hatched, but she wound up with two, a hen and a rooster. She kept them till they kept flying out of the cage and they were getting so they’d chase us. She took them to a taxidermist and had them mounted. She named them Oscar and Betty and had them yet when I was grown and married. I asked for them after she died, but no one seemed to know what became of them.

    She was a fantastic cook and loved nothing better than to have her whole family together for Sunday dinner. She needed no special reason. She loved company and we used to say she opened the door with one hand and put the coffee on with the other.

    She loved music and played the mouth organ. She should have been an entertainer, having both the talent and personality. Not long ago,  I had the chance to watch the movie Mary Poppins, and I couldn’t help thinking that whoever the author was, he must have known Grandma when she was young.


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