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Keeney Family Genealogy
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Volume 3 # 3  February 2001

k-f-g-online.info Edited by Dan Keeney

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Donald Roy Keeney sent in the names of 26 from PA that fought in the Civil War

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has been published by   Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr. since   December 1983

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Hello Everyone,
   In response for volunteers' to help with the Keeney Update project there were 5 people that volunteered for the task they are Patsy Litten, Mike Vincent, Don McG, Dave Keeney all of who reside in the US and Carol Keeney from Ireland, so I have enough help to get this project off to a good start. The original plan was to include one issue of the Keeney Update per month & I'd like to do so chronologically, volume 1 number 1 was linked in the last issue of this newsletter. Keeney Update volumes 1 n2 & 17 n4 are included with this issue of KFG.

   Patsy completed volume 1 number 2 for this issue and is also compiling a crossed indexed page of the Keeney Updates for use on the site. Dave completed volume 17 number 4 and in that there are currently 60 issues in the past 17 years I am including it along with this issue because if I don't it would be almost 5 years from now that it would be included. 

    Ralph Ray Keeney  has given his permission for me to serialize his book "Wagon Ruts West". The book has 31 sections in it and I'll include most of them in the upcoming months.



Welcome to the newest subscribers


Keeney Update

 volume 1 number  2 March 1984
             and volume 17 number 4 December 2000

To view these issues use the links found on the following page:
                                                                                          Roscoe's Keeney Update


From the inbox.....

This was a sent to Don McG
and as a Cc: to me ~D.

From: BobN
Friday, January 05, 2001 13:27
MO Keeneys

Hi Don -
    You may have seen in the KFG Newsletter that I'm a new subscriber. When thanking Dan for adding me to the list, I told him I was trying to figure out what Keeney lines I'd research. Looks like it's the Mystery MOs! I'm just getting started with this, and have read only three back issues, but other information from Dan and the Newsletters surely have furthered my effort. Your findings:

    "Missouri State. Lillard county. No ye to home it may concern that this 8 day of February 1821 was joined together in the holy estate of marimony James Keeney and Anney Ramsey by me Jonathan Keeney, G.M."

    I've looked for this information in TN and SC. Never would have guessed it would be in Missouri. I'm very grateful for you passing it along and for the John Jr. probate transcription. The latter provides several clues to solving MO mysteries, one of the biggest is the reference to land John Jr. bought from Jesse Magbee. Nancy and Samuel McBee are enumerated in in Keeney households in the 1850 Holt Co MO census. Having Jesse's name may lead to identifying the two.

    "Anney Ramsey" would be Ruth Anna Ramsey, b 15 Jan 1803 near
Cambridge, Edgefield Co SC, d Holt Co MO 26 July 1899. She no doubt she has some relationship to Mary Ramsey Buckhalter Keeney, wife of John Jr., also born in Edgefield Co SC. I've pursued this a bit and found some Buckhalters, but no Ramsey connections yet. Her husband James Keeney is reported to have been a millwright and contractor in TN, dying near Paducah KY in 1841, and Anna relocating to Holt Co in 1844 via Jackson Co MO. I don't know anything else about him. Anna owned the quarter section immediately to the South of John Jr. and East of Magbee (Macbee, McBee). I understand she stayed there most of her life.

    Through all of this, I hope to determine the relationship between the John Jr. line and that of Thomas Keeney of which I'm a descendant.

Best Wishes,
Bob Nicholas, Portland OR

From: Matt Ainslie
Saturday, January 06, 2001 14:46
Signup for KFG Newsletter

   Hi!  Please sign me up.  I've done a lot of Keeney genealogy. When I get this bio of Thomas Keeney (1751-1840) done I'll try to remember to send it in. Matt Ainslie (son of Elizabeth Keeney Ainslie and ggggg-grandson of Thomas)



 I will start with Peter and go to My Husband which is Orville

 1 gen;     

    Peter Keeney
 2 gen ;   

    Moses Keeney m. Catherine Pence

 3. gen;    

    Henry Keeney Sr. m. Elizabeth Jane Waddle

 4. gen;    

    Henry Keeney Jr m. Mary (Polly) Baker

 5. gen;  

    Nancy Helen Keeney b 19 March 1850 d. 5 Aug 1926 m. 5 April 1867 William Fox
   Tomlinson b. Nov 1844 d. 1902 buried Keeney Cem Pulaski Co Somerset, KY in the Co.  C  49th KY branch of service        

 11 children;     Annie--Hardin--William--Melvin--David--Hester-Virgil--Albert--Alvin--Alfred--Rufus

 6. gen;
    Harden Simpson Tomlinson b. 18 June 1878 d. 12 June 1942 married 21 Sept 1894        Mattie Miller b. 31 Jan 1874 d. 29 April 1929 both buried in Bloomington Ill.

   5 children; Lillian--Irene--Bessie--Alfred--Alvin

 7 gen;

    Lillian F Tomlinson b. 27 March 1897 Ruth KY d. 27 April 1976 married 17 April 1913 Eli Marion Mounce b. 3 Nov 1892 Bent KY d. 1993 both buried in the Piney Grove Cem #1 Pulaski Co Somerset KY

  8 children;
are not listed here to protect their privacy & that of their children & grandchildren since some of them are still living.



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From the Guest book

Full Name: Donald Roy Keeney
Date and Time: 1/20/2001, 1:38 PM

I visited gettysburg pa last year and got a listing of all the keeneys from pa in the civil war.26 names were listed.Keeneys from southern states fought against there namesakes to the north.I was born in buffalo in 1944.My aunt millie went to utah many years ago and got a family tree going.I am decended from alexander by Isaiah from keeneyville pa .The cemetary there is loaded with keeneys.

(Editors note): After reading the preceding entry in the Guest Book I sent Donald an e-mail asking if he'd be willing to share the name of the 26 Keeneys and his reply was: "Rather than typing the obvious last
name 26 times I'll give you the first names and the units they were assigned to...
."So of course I added the last name to each, I also added the header. ~Dan

Names of PA Keeney's in the Civil War

A. Ennis Keeney (ny)10th Inf, Co G, sgt.
Adelbert, D Keeney (pa)11th cav. Co F.
Alonzo, D Keeney (pa) 50th Inf., Co K.,
Burton L Keeney (pa) 6th res Inf Co I.
Burton L Keeney (pa)191st Inf Co E.

D. L. Keeney (pa)140th Inf Co C.
Dennis G Keeney (pa) 207th Inf Co A.
Frederick M Keeney (pa) 97th Inf Co B .
George A Keeney 13 Res Inf Co E,
George A Keeney (pa) 149th Inf Co A,.
Henry J Keeney (pa) 6th Res Inf Co A,
Henry S Keeney (pa) 207th Inf Co G ,
Ira Keeney (pa) 2nd Cav Co L.
Ira Keeney 136th Inf Co A.

Jacob Keeney (pa) 143rd Inf Co H
Jacob W Keeney (pa) 12th Res Inf (3 mo '61) Co C Sgt.
James C Keeney (pa) 12 th Res Inf Co B Cpl.
Jerome Keeney (pa) 199 th Inf Co I.
Jesse Keeney (pa) 157th Inf Co d.
John Keeney (pa) 5th Cav. 
John Keeney (pa) 141st Inf Co B Cpl.
Joseph Keeney (pa) 143rd Inf Co I.
Luther J Keeney (pa) 6th Res Inf Co H.
Richard Keeney (pa) 143rd Inf Co K Cpl.
Selden B Keeney (pa) 2nd Cav.
Sleeman Keeney (pa)11th Cav Co F.

    The web addy for the online civil war records is http://broadfoot.wilmington.net ,and
Broadfoot Publishing Co, 1907 Buena Vista Circle Wilmington NC 28411.

    When my sister and I visited Keeneyville we took some snaps of historical markers commemorating Isaiah  Keeney as an early Pa pioneer. Maybe I can dig up one of those pics and send It your way If your Interested. I also have extra copies of the civil war names (pa) list. There is a cemetery located between Keeneyville and Shortsville Pa that has quite a few Keeneys in it. Isaiah was buried there but his remains were later moved to Kentucky. His marker is there. I hope I've helped in this most interesting quest. Best,...Don

From genfourm.genealogy.com

Greene County TN

Posted by Roscoe Keeney
Date: January 05, 2001 at 08:18:09

    Would love to make contact with descendents of Joseph & John Keeney who received North Carolina land grants in Greene Co TN in 1787. I have much info to share. R>Keeney

Martin G. Keeney, Indiana

Posted by Juanita Arnold
Date: January 27, 2001 at 16:20:33

   Martin G. Keeney September 03, 1849 Switzerland, County, Indiana m Louisa/ Laura Banta b November 02, 1851 Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana m on September 03, 1874.

I am looking for their decendants.


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