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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 3 # 4
March 2001

k-f-g-online.info Edited by
Dan Keeney

Table of Contents


Hello Everyone,
    It's been a interesting month since the last newsletter, what with the power outages here in California and the weather's been strange also, it even snowed here in Sunland (I haven't seen snow here in several years) the elevation is less then 1800 feet, & the last time I saw snow at this level it was gone in just a few minutes of hitting the ground, this time it stuck for several hours.

    I've started another site on Rootsweb in the free pages area so every page has advertisements top & bottom. This is the same data as in the Family directory on this site.

    In scanning Wagon Ruts West I've found out that the pictures are going to be difficult to view online, I've put up a couple of them for you to check out, let me know what you think, and depending on the responses I get we'll see if I'll post any more of them. The text of the book is still going to be put up even if the pictures are not. boat.jpg (405369 bytes)  wwkfamily.jpg (179510 bytes)

    I've gotten a promise of some new information on the descendants of  Charles Franklin Keeney (1856) from  Sharon Keeney She has sent in a little bit already & I'll update the database when she sends the rest.

    Would you believe that in high school I hated writing (Senior Composition) so much that I transferred out of the class the first day & the only class I could get to fulfill my Senior English requirement was reading, I fulfilled the teachers requirement of 2000 pages read in a week, which left me the remainder of the semester to read whatever I felt like & not have to give book reports on them. And now I'm doing this newsletter & the web sites, It sure don't figure.

   Happy St. Patrick's day, listen to a tune.



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Keeney Update

volume 1 number  3 June 1984
                  and volume 17 number 3
August 2000

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From the inbox.....

From: Joan Keeney maraba@sierratel.com
Saturday, February 24, 2001 21:01
Subject: Re: KFG v3n3 online

Dear Dan:
    What a great job on the Newsletter!  I was so afraid that I had missed something. My computer was fired in a power surge, (serge strips didn't help) and I just replaced everything. I also bought a battery back-up and have been told that I won't have any more problems with that sort of thing.

    I am so enjoying the "Keeney Update" and want to thank all of those that are helping with the work you are doing to preserve that information for all.  I would love to help too, let me know what I can do and I'll do my best.

Best regards to you and yours.

Joan C. Keeney

From: ROB C FERGUSON robloriferg@juno.com
Saturday, February 24, 2001 08:42
Subject: William Hamilton Keeney in the 36th Virginia Infantry?

Dear Dan,
    My name is Robert Ferguson, I  came across William Hamilton Keeney in my family tree that was prepared by my cousins Bill and Carol Keeney . I e-mailed them to ask them if this William Hamilton Keeney in the 36th Virginia Infantry Co. B is the same man listed in the family tree. William's enlistment date was 14 Oct. 1864  Franklin County, Virginia. If you can shed any light on this I would appreciate it. I looked on ancestry.com and found my information. Thank you for the newsletter it has been a great help in my genealogical research.
Thank you,
Robert Ferguson

From: David Olson kofamily@nome.net
Sunday, February 11, 2001 18:38
Subject: Keeney

    I've been looking over your Keeney website and located my grandfather and his parents and siblings.  You do not show anything beyond his wife. If I wanted to update this information would I send it to you?  My Great-grandfather was Charles Franklin (1856-1919), and his son Clarence Edward was my grandfather. He and Faye Wilde had two sons who are still both living. Please let me know who I should send the information to.  Thank you, Sharon Keeney



I had no idea of who to list here this month.




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Wagon Ruts West installment

From the Guest book

Full Name: Daniel Keeney
Home Page:
Date and Time: 2/17/2001, 1:38 PM

I am a Keeney from the East cost Maryland is where I come from. My dad John H. Keeney was born and raise in Johnsville, Frederick County, Maryland 20 minutes North East of Frederick, MD. His father (my Grandfather) was the late George Washington Keeney, Sr. The site I have posted is the Volunteer Fire Company that I belong too and the Webmaster too. My dad's three brothers (two deceased) are members of the Fire Company too. If any body out knew my grandfather please email me back love to here from you.

Full Name: Rose Ann Keeney Dean
Date and Time: 2/13/2001, 6:44 PM
I love to find more info about my ancestry.


Wednesday, 28 February 2001 21:37:41 Pacific Standard Time

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