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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 9
June 2009


Edited by:
Dan Keeney

Table of Contents    
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Hello Everyone,
It's been awhile since the last issue, but not a whole lot has come in.

I received a request from a John Miller concerning an old car he bought that was originally owned by Frank Keeney of New York who also owned the Keeney Music Hall in Brooklyn, as
I have almost nothing on him I appealing to any of you that read this to please help if at all possible.

What little I had on Frank came to me from Betty Richards. I have since received a little more from Raymond Kinney, See below. And even found some old newspaper articles dating back to the 1890's concerning Frank and his father Seth.

As I've stated before I'd like any and all information that anyone is willing to share on the Keeney families.

24 June 2009 I was searching online today trying to figure out what the exact address of my first site was at geocities and I stumbled upon a page entitled  Roscoe Keeney Collection Ms2007-080 and have included most of the text from the page in the miscellaneous section below along with a link to the page of course.

Welcome to the newest Subscribers

Even though I don't remember who you all are I bid you welcome.


The inbox...
Subject: Frank Keeney
From: John and Dawn


My name is John Miller, I own a 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II
The original owner was Frank Keeney, who owned the theaters in NY.
I can send you some pic's of the car, I am restoring it.
I would like some information on Frank and his life.
Would you have any pic's of the RR with Frank in them.
Thank you.
John Miller

NOTE: the pic's link above shows the restoration in progress "ie" the parts of the car such as the engine, brakes, headlights, etc, about 176 of them, if I counted right .  ~Dan

Here are two pic's of the RR of Frank's . I will send you more, in do time.  I hope you can find me a pic of Frank w/ the RR.
The man that sold me the car told me that Frank owned vaudeville theaters in the Bronx and in NY City. 
Also said he had homes in Long Island and Miami, Fla., and  drove the RR from Miami to NY. I was also told that he owned gold and copper mines in California.
Please check into this when you have time and let me know if this info it true.  I would also like to know if Fanny Brice rode in the car.
Thank you...I appreciate your time and assistance.

This was Frank Keeney's 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II   This was Frank Keeney's 1932 Rolls Royce Phantom II

NOTE: the following info should really be in the reverse order from what is displayed. But I've added it the way it was received ~Dan

Info for Keeney Researchers Register

  1. Heather Catharine (Keeney) m. Timothy James Melvin Harmon

- children: Shawn Keeney Harmon

Luke Alexander Ephraim Harmon

James Melvin Harmon

Hannah Rebekah Maureen Harmon

  1. Susanna Rebekah (Keeney) m. Robert Emilio Medugno

Jillian Nicole Medugno

Joshua David-Michael Medugno

  1. Shannon Diana (Keeney)

  1. John David Keeney m. Rebekah Ann (Voll)

  1. Charles Garlach Keeney m. Catharine Eugenia (Ellis)

  1. Fred Bennet Keeney m. Mary Anna (Pratt)

  1. Amos �Ham� Keeney m. Evaline Francis (Earles)

  1. John S. Keeney m. Elizabeth (Scott / Templeton)

  1. William H. C. Keeney m. Mary (Crawford)

  1. Michael Keeney (killed) m. Catharine (Lewis) [Brother was General Andrew Lewis from the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774] � she had a second marriage to William Hillard

  1. David Keeney m. Mary/ Catharine?

  1. John Keney (note name change) from Salem, MA m. Mary (Smith)

  1. John Keney m. Elizabeth (Looke or Looks) � [Her parents were Thomas and Sarah Look of Lynn, MA � 1691 moved to Newbury, MA.]

  1. Henry Keney m. Ann (Putnam[e]) [She was born in Salem, MA in 1621. Second wife was Ann Lane]

  1. John Keney m. Sarah Cheever

  1. SIR Thomas Kenne or Kinne (note name title and change) from Norfolk England [born in Kings Lynn, England-just north of London]

  1. Sir Robert Keney of Kings Lynn, England was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth for the gift of ships to the Admiral of the Navy Sir Humphrey Davey during the Armada War (1587-1588)

* Oct 4, 1618 � Keney Coat of Arms granted and confirmed

--- Working Sheet of Rebekah (Voll) Keeney � 5/19/2009


Keeney Update & Wagon Ruts West  

Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr's Keeney Update

Ralph R. Keeney's  Wagon Ruts West




Roscoe Keeney Collection Ms2007-080

Note KF referrers to Keeney Family (of course) dlk

Box 1

1. Keeney Report 2. KF - Arkansas 3. KF - California
4. KF - Connecticut 5. KF - Delaware 6. KF - Greenbrier County, WV
7. KF - Idaho 8. KF - Illinois 9. KF - Indiana
10. KF - Iowa 11. KF - Kansas 12. KF - Kentucky
13. KF - Kentucky census 14. KF - Maine 15. KF - Maryland
16. KF - Massachusetts 17. KF - Michigan 18. KF - Minnesota
19. KF - Missouri 20. KF - Missouri census 21. KF - Montana

Box 2

1. KF - Nebraska 2. KF - New England 3. KF - New Hampshire
4. KF - New Jersey 5. KF - New Mexico/Arizona 6. KF - New York
7. KF - Norfolk County, England 8. KF - North Carolina 9. KF - North Dakota
10. KF - Ohio 11. KF - Oklahoma 12. KF - Oregon
13. KF - Pennsylvania 14. KF - Rhode Island 15. KF - South Carolina
16. KF - South Dakota 17. KF - Tennessee 18. KF - Texas
19. KF - Utah 20. KF - Virginia 21. KF - Washington
22. KF - Wisconsin 23. KF - Wyoming 24. KF - Wyoming photos
25. Keeney Update Vol. 1-4, 1983-1987 (with notes, additions, inserts)
26. Keeney Update Vol. 5-8, 1988-1991 (with notes, additions, inserts)
27. Keeney Update Vol. 9-12, 1992-1995 (with notes, additions, inserts)
28. Keeney Update Vol. 13-16, 1996-1999 (with notes, additions, inserts)
29. Keeney Update Vol. 17-20, 2000-2003 (with notes, additions, inserts)
30. Keeney Update Vol. 21-24, 2003-2006 (with notes, additions, inserts)

31. Huddleston Family

32. Keeney Family 33. Keeney, Roscoe C. Sr. 1882-1969
Box 3 1. - 57. Morris and related families 58. - 66. Paxton Family

1. FRANK A.6 KEENEY (SETH LEE5, CHARLES4, JOSHUA3, MARK2, JOHN1) was born February 23, 1867 in Pennsylvania, and died October 29, 1958 in Miami, Dade County, Florida. He married EVA W. RUPPRECHT. She was born January 1872.

Frank was a billiards player, a theater manager/owner, a plunger, a contractor and what else I don't know yet.

His father Seth Lee Keeney, was a bank President  in addition see the New York Times for 13 and 16 August 1893.

From the
New York Times
03 October 1913

From the
New York Times
13 March 1914


On Thursday, February 14, 1894, by the Rev. J. O. Wilson, at the residence of the bride's parents, 406 Madison st, Brooklyn,



From:1897 Lain Directory

KEENEY Cornelius clk. h 77 Dikeman
KEENEY Ella wid. Joh L. h 354 S 3d
KEENEY Eugene engineer h 158 Carroll
KEENEY Eugene W. produce 51 Pearl N. Y. h 580 Henry
KEENEY Frank A. contractor Wash'n av c Johnson h 221 Clermont av
KEENEY Frank G. fish 80 Beekman N. Y. h 42 S Portland av
KEENEY Geo. A. fish 146 Beekman N. Y. h 38 S Elliott pl
KEENEY Griswold fish Fulton mktN. Y. h 18 St Felix
KEENEY Patrick C. lab. h 73 Franklin av
KEENEY Peter conductor h 997 F'bush av
KEENEY Seth L. contractor Wash'n c Johnson 221 Clermont av
KEENEY Susan A. wid. Abner C. h 175 Wash'n pk


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