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Don McGlothlen

  I continue with McGlothlen genealogy studies, now having worked back a bit earlier than the Rev War Private John McLaughlin, b. c1754 in most likely, Bedford Co, VA, d. 1828 in Lafayette Co, MO.  I'm working on his siblings and his parents, also in Bedford Co, VA.  Data is scarce and circumstantial, in most instances.

  There is one 'traditional' bit of published data in my line which I have found erroneous, that being the existence of middle initials for my primary ancestors and the originator of the spelling of my surname as "McGlothlen".  That person was Charles McGlothlen, b. 1780 Greenbrier Co, VA, d. 1850, Wapello Co, IA. and his wife, Jane Davis McGlothlen.  Charles' parents were illiterate, as was his one known brother, John, b. 1794 in TN.  The parents' recorded data show spellings of McGlothlin and McLaughlin and Charles' brother John's data shows primarily McGlothlin, which spelling has been adopted by his descendants to the present day.  So, my McGlothlen line goes back from about 1850 as McLaughlin and McGlothlin and sideways from about 1794 and down as McGlothlin.  Add to that the fact that my ancestors in the early time period were illiterate and you can see that the research is at the least, interesting.

  The primary purpose of this communication, however is the following:  I'm not asking that you do anything with this except perhaps think about posting it somewhere at the head of any of my data on your web site that will certainly show that dreaded middle initial for my Charles and Jane Davis McGlothlen:

"Neither Charles McGlothlen nor his wife Jane (Davis) McGlothlen Have a middle initial! 


I don't think so.

   For the last couple of years, I have methodically been rechecking originals of land deed records through FHC Microfilms, and probate records, using the same source data - and everything else i could find that one could class as a primary source and there has never been a middle initial for either of these two people in any of them.  Likewise, the Family history dictated by Thomas Davis McGlothlen, of which I have two copies, each from different branches of his descendants, show no middle initial for either person.

 I HAVE found the middle initial "M" in signatures from what was purported to be a verbatim transcription of a land deed "per letter from Mrs. Youngblood", specifically, the 22 May 1818 land deed wherein Charles McLoughlin (sic) and wife Jane sold Fayette Co, IN land to Benjamin Strong.  Georgia's notes of that letter show that both Charles and Jane had middle initials of "M".  The FHC microfilm of the deed record, however, shows their names without any middle initials.  This has held true for everything else I have checked.

   I realize that I am trying to push water uphill with this and would welcome contrary primary source information."

All the Best,
Don McGlothlen,
McGlothlen Family Historian

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 Don is descended from Charles M. McGlothlen a brother of Mary Hannah McGlothlen the wife of Rev., Jonathan Anthony Keeney.

  In September 2000 Don did a transcription of the 1846 Holt Co, MO Probate file for John Jonathan Keeney, Jr, & sent it in to be included in the October issue of the KFG newsletter, so I've posted it on it's own page partly due to it's length as a print out (11 pages).

   In February 2002 Don sent in an article for the Spring edition of the KFG newsletter

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