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Vaderon E. (Bud) Keeney 1921 - 2012

who has always been called Bud, was a great-grandson of Andrew Jackson Keeney.

    He was raised in Oregon where he still resides with his wife Ida Elizabeth (Beth) Landon, he has a daughter Merthi, that lives within a few miles of him. Bud is retired now and builds Grandfather clocks as a hobby. He also takes care of the Keeney Cemetery by getting the family together and having a cleanup day there. The cemetery is located on the old Andrew J. Keeney farm. There is no access road to the cemetery.

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A story about Andrew Jackson Keeney 'Black Jack' and a bear. This was sent in by Merthi.

Merthi Keeney King <merthi101@hotmail.com> email no longer valid

My Father told me a story that he heard when he was about 30. He is now 81. He told me about seeing an old gentlemen at a church in Klamath falls who said he knew Andrew Jackson Keeney.

      Bud Keeney and his young family were visiting his sister Lois in Klamath Falls (Oregon) back in 1947. He recalls they were at her down town Baptist church on the North side of town. Lois introduced him and his family to one of the older gentlemen there. "You a Keeney?" he asked "Yes Sir." Bud replied "You a relation to Andrew Jackson Keeney? Let me tell you about him. He was the bravest man alive. 'Black Jack' had 5 sons. They had taken the wagon on up to Crescent Lake fishin'. It was Huckle berry season. They'd pitched camp near a  berry patch. The horses were spooked because the smelled bear. The boys could see the bear and the asked Black Jack  "What are we gonna do about the bear? Leave?" He replied "I can run him off with a buggy whip." The boys said "Oh no Dad you cant do that." Black Jack took the buggy whip and went up to the bear. The bear raised up on his hind legs. Black Jack flicked him on the nose with the buggy whip. The bear let out a loud growl, dropped down and ran off down the canyon. Black Jack Keeney was the bravest man alive." 

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Both Bud and Ida passed in 2012




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