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Keeney Family Genealogy
Online Newsletter

Volume 4 # 1
Winter 2001 - 2002
k-f-g-online.info Edited by:
Dan Keeney

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Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year I hope each and everyone has a good holiday. If music is playing with this page & you want to stop it the controls to do so is at the bottom of the page. It's been a while since the last issue was put online, & currently I'm only planning four issues for this volume of the newsletter. Many factors have lead up to this decision.

    A few new items have been added to the site Susan Ellsworth sent in a correction on an article dealing with her grandfather, George Harvey Keeney that was in Roscoe's Keeney Update v4n16 December 1999 you can view the text for both along with her note which was sent in by e-mail. She also sent in an edited copy of of what she calls the Doctor of the Year documentation, which I'll work on transcribing into a format that can be placed online.

    Carol Keeney sent in some pictures of Abigail's baptism.

  Cindy Marcell has a site that has several photos of Keeney headstones in the Avon Cemetery, you can find the link to her site on her page here.

    Betty C. Richards sent in a couple of items dealing with a mining town that was located in Kern County California called Keeneysburg including a map showing where it was located. And an item about a concert she recently attended, where she heard about the Keeney Music Hall. She also sent in a donation to help in keeping this site online, for which I thank her.

   The Story of Christmas from the book of Luke Chapter 2 versus 1 - 20

   A Genealogist’s Christmas

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Ádh mór le haghaidh na Nollag agus an Bhliain Nua.


Welcome to the newest Subscribers

Linda Spindor Michael Charles Keeney (Mike) Terry Keeney


The inbox...

From: Terry Keeney

Terry Lee Keeney>Ray George>Archie Franklin>Elijah>John
Rhode Island>Conn>New York>Canada>Michigan

Please sign me up for your newsletter!

From: Mike Keeney
Subject: FREE Directory

hi DAN,

   My name is Michael Charles Keeney, (mike), and I'm from King William's Town, South Africa. I want to sign up for KFG online newsletter. I'm also doing research on my family and so far have traced back to the 1800`s. my grandfather was born in Birmingham, England. there are stories that my family originally came from Limerick in Ireland, but I'm not sure. I want to also find out more about the Keeney's in America, as I believe that somewhere we are related. my late mother used to always talk about Keeney's, in Missouri. there were apparently 21 children, 2 drowned in the Mississippi, or so I`m told. my grandfathers brother Frank Keeney had a Theatre in the Bronx, New York city, (FANNY BRYCE appeared on stage there). I would like to know if I have any relatives over there. I have established that Douglas Keeney in Brisbane, Australia, is related to me.

can you help with any more info?, and if you can I would greatly appreciate it.

  from (I thought) the only one, Mike Keeney. (South Africa). 

(Note this has been reformatted, it was almost entirely caps, & 1 paragraph). ~D

From: Mike Keeney


Thanks for coming back so quick to me, I greatly appreciate it.Thanks for the info about Frank Keeney. I have absolutely no info on him, besides what you've given me, and what I sent to you. Your site is fantastic. I can only reiterate what all the other "KEENEYS", are saying. (I NEVER KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY KEENEYS ABOUT). I would like to be included onto your data base and will be sending you some more info and photos of the Keeney's here in Africa. I want to also thank you for your site, as this has enabled me to make contact with a cousin, Douglas Keeney, in Brisbane, Australia, whom I saw had signed your guest list. I've just finished sending him some details of our side of the Keeney's, to him now.

I've only been able to trace my family back to my great-grandfather, Anthony Keeney, who married Annie Louisa Mills, in Birmingham England, in the 1800's. My Grandfather Fredrick William was born there (at 131 Wheeler Street, on the 04 December 1872). My GGrandfather came to East London, South Africa, (with his 10 or 11 children). Frederick William, {(my grandfather) was a decorated officer, (who fought in the Anglo/Boer war)}, Joseph Edward, (grandfather of Douglas, Brisbane, Australia), Francis "Frank" Charles, (the owner of the theater's in New York), Anthony Robert, Maude, Ivy, Rose, Violet, Albertha and Annie. There was mention of another Keeney, but I'm unable to confirm this. This is basically all I have to work on. I found your site quite by chance. I just thought I'll give it a bash and came up with your site. I'm really happy with all the work and effort you've put into it, and if I can help with anything, just ask. I only heard about John Keeney from your website.There are not many Keeney's that I know about in South Africa.There is my elder brother, Brian Anthony, who is on pension. He stays at a seaside resort not far from East London, S. A. he is married and has 3 children, Lynn, Sandy and Richard. They are also married, (although Richard is divorced, and his ex-wife has custody of his 2 sons. She stays in Johannesburg, S. A.).

Douglas's father, stays in Potchefstroom, S. A., and is a retired Army Officer. A cousin, Audry Keeney, is in a old age home, in Cape Town, S. A. She is the daughter of Anthony Robert. She is 84 years old.

Besides my son Jayden Franciose', (16 years old), I think that is the total compliment of Keeney's in South Africa, so you can imange my shock at finding that not only were there more Keeney's out there, but there were some with even my own name (Mike-Michael). This has prompted me into trying to find out more about "us".

And I thank you once again for the site. Hopefully I can come with some more beneficial info. I really appreciate you putting my data on your site and as soon as I  figure my scanner out, will send some photos.

Thank you, may you and the rest of the Keeney's, all over have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.  Hopefully they can catch the murderous swine Ben Ladin, for what he did on September the 11th.

Kind Regards, Mike Keeney, South Africa  

From: Susan
Subject: One for you, Dan!

Dan, thank you again and again for your help. Now it's my turn. B-)

I keep seeing reference to "The Rendleman Book." There are actually two Randleman books, and I own both. Don't know if you do or not. In any case, here are the actual titles and full references, with notes:

Martin Christopher Randleman: His Kin and Heirs 1754 - 1964, by Billee Snead Webb. [North Bend, Oregon] 1965. XIV, 750 pp. Illus. Includes Index.

Randleman, Rendleman, Rintelman Reunion 1981. Billee Snead Webb and members of the Randleman Research Committee, Compilers. Corvallis, Oregon, 1983. x, 1070 pp. Illus. Index, pp 1033-1067.

With all due respect, contributors to your site and others citing "The Rendelman Book" should really tell you which book they are referring to.

The 1965 book is bound in Navy blue, the 1983 book was bound in red. So if they can't or won't tell you the full bibliographic detail, just ask if it's the red book or the blue book, and you will have the detail.

(Editors Note: there are actually 3 books search for them at: http//www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp )


kd.gif (7752 bytes)

Sorry folks but Patsy, my only volunteer (that's stayed with this project) has been busy trying to help her sister back to health & a normal life after a car accident. Let's all wish her & her family well.



Linda Spindor

My grandfather was James Fate Keeney b 1868 d 1930 in Erath County Texas. My mother said her dad never talked about his parents. I am trying to do a family tree so maybe this web site can help me.

John Gerard Keeney

Hello, fellow Keeneys. I was born and raised in Queens, NY, where I still reside. My father, John Stephen Keeney emigrated to America with my mom, Catherine Breslin from Ardara in the early 60's. I just recently discovered this site and Keeney.com. They make for some fun and interesting navigating. Thanks!


Contributed Items

Betty C. Richards

    I am forwarding you two pieces of information regarding Keeneys that I've acquired in the past couple weeks. I hope it will be of interest to you and may be something you can use in the Keeney Family Newsletter.

    A grandson of mine loves to browse books at Barnes & Noble. He came across this information regarding John R. Keeney in the book "High Country Communities" by Bob Powers (1999). I looked in several other books for further information regarding this area during the gold rush era and have not been able to get anything more at this time.

    Do you have any information on a John R. Keeney? If settled Keeneysburg around 1859, he may have been born anywhere from 1814 to 1838; which would place his age at approximately 21 to 45 when he founded the town. On page 121, it mentions a wagon train that came from Missouri to this area in 1844; but it does not say if he was in this group.

    The second Keeney I'm sending information on was mentioned in a concert I attended last week! The concert was "Funny Girl", which was based on the life story of Fanny Brice. Some of her acts were performed in the Keeney Music Hall. I looked in the library for a list of vaudeville theaters in
New York City during that era, with no success. However, in the book " The Fabulous Fanny" by Norman Katkov (1952/53), I was able to get the information I'm sending to you. It mentions that the Keeney Music Hall in Brooklyn was owned by Frank Keeney and that he owned two other theaters. I have not been able to find out the names of those or where they were located.

To view the items click here.


Sunday 22 June 2003


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