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Keeney Family Genealogy
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Volume 4 # 2
Spring 2002
k-f-g-online.info Edited by:
Dan Keeney

Table of Contents

Ramblings Welcome Keeney Update & Wagon Ruts West
Contributed items The Inbox.. Miscellaneous Back Issues


Hello Everyone,
     For those of you who may be wondering what's happening with the Keeney Updates, I've included an example of what is involved in OCR corrections. When I started this project I had five volunteers, of which only one has stuck with the project. As most of you may know life tends to interfere with with projects, (or is that the other way around), and my one volunteer has been taking care of her sister who was involved in a accident. But I've been working on an issue to put up so there is one new one online this time.

   A use for this site that I had never thought of when I first stated it in 1997, is that of locating lost relatives, I have found numerous cousins through the site that have helped and added to the the family information shared herein freely. Some of which are not researchers and some which are.  

   In other news Garry Keeney (who posted a message back on 04 March 2000) has finally gotten the reply that he was looking for and found his aunt & grandmother.

   With this issue another change is in effect on the site, there will be no link to this & to future issues of the newsletter until the next issue is posted, at which time the only links to them will be placed on the back issues page.

   I'm constantly in the process of revamping the site in an effort to make it work better, things like making pages load faster, better navigation and what all. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to send in any suggestions and I will take them into consideration.

  If anyone has their own home page on another site and would like it listed on this site send me the link & I'll post it. Or if you have found a site that helps in the efforts to find Keeney kin send in the link & I'll share it here with credit given to you.

   Does anyone have an original copy of Wagon Ruts West that they would be willing to loan to me for about 14 days?



Welcome to the newest Subscribers


The inbox...

From: Ray Keeney <RAYNFAITH@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:20:29 EST

wpe94.jpg (7954 bytes)


Faith Elinor Keeney

23 August 1919 - 04 January 2002

Dear Cousin Dan,

   Although I did send you that [smile] E-mail, you can guess I'm not smiling that much recently. Yes, my girlfriend of sixty-two plus years died the fourth of this month. We had her to many specialist and they all told us they could not find anything life threatening. She had suffered a lot in the last two or three years They did an autopsy but we've never received a report as yet. Can't believe it happened.
   I seem to be holding my own pretty well in spite of having lived on this planet for almost eighty-six years.
Cousin, Ray

RAY KEENEY (CHARLES, JAMES BARNABUS, JOHN HIRAM, JONATHAN ANTHONY, JOHN JONATHAN) was born 13 April 1916 in The Turtle Mountains in a log cabin, West of Saint John, North Dakota. He married FAITH ELINOR SAUNDERS 05 May 1939 in Eugene, Oregon. She was born 23 August 1919, and died 04 January 2002 in Loma Linda, Calofornia.

From: Gayle Keeney-Rager <rrager@in-touch.net>
Date: 15 February 2002
Subject: Keeney Boo


I am a researcher from the very beginning with Roscoe. I am in the final research stages for a series of historical novels about the Keeney family. The first book will cover the period of 1637-1670, and will be told in the first person, narrated by Sarah Cheever, wife of John Keene. I am in need of any information about the Keeneys during that time period and for the period for the next book which will cover the time period of 1675-1700 (or there abouts). I would appreciate it if you would publish a notice on the web site to this effect. My email address is: rrager@in-touch.net. My snail mail address is: 1190 West Road, Martinsville, OH 45146. Thank you for your help.

Gayle Keeney-Rager

From: Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr.<scoe@wv-cis.net>
Date: 25 January 2002
Subject: Blanche Keeney Stephens

Message received today: Blanche has been hospitalized since Nov 5
undergoing chemotherapy for acute leukemia, following 2-3 months of illness.
We pray a lot. Family
Family address is 275 South St, Apt 5D, Vernon Rockville CT 06066-4227

As I’m sure you know Blanche is the authority on the Peter Keeney family of VA/KY
(Lincoln, Mercer, Pulaski Co’s.)

From:  Gail Keeney Trullinger <GMKT814@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 13:26:49 EST
Subject: Signup for KFG

My name is: Gail Keeney Trullinger.  I am originally from Wahpeton, ND.  My father was Ira Adolph Keeney, son of Miner D. Keeney.  I would like to sign up for the Keeney Family Newsletter.
Thank you.


From:  Merthi (Keeney) King<merthi101@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 11:20:17 EST
Subject: Merthi Keeney

I'm Merthi (Keeney) King. I just surfed on to your web site. WOW what a lot of work!!! I couldn't figure out where to start. My family have been in Oregon since Jonathan Keeney brought the first wagon train over the Cascades instead of floating them down the Columbia River like Lewis and Clark did.
My family have been big in the Timber industry here. My fathers name was Vaderon E Keeney (Bud), my grandfather was Walter Keeney. I could not find them on your site. My father is in his 80's and we have some cool old photos. I'm not that great with the computer but I'll try to pass on what I know if it would be helpful.
I am merthi101@hotmail.com


From: Garry Keeney <NickyDvdsn@aol.com>
Date: 16 Jan 2002
Subject:: Thanks

thanks for the great web site, i post a message on the message board keeney from glenfinan, i was looking for my fathers sister, because of this site i found her, they are so happy to be together again for the first time in 38 years. now he has got in touch with his mother who he has not seen for 52 years.
thankyou very much for this great site

Garry Keeney

From: Patricia Plake Keeney <halfnote@sound.com>
Date: 26 Jan 2002

I have really only just begun researching Keeneys with my son, Jack Sinclair Keeney, Jr. His father, my deceased husband, was Jack Sinclair Keeney, b. 1919, in Iowa. His father was John Harley Keeney, b. abt 1892, and his mother was Fern Sinclair Keeney, b. abt. 1888. In reading some of the stories and seeing pictures on your terrific site I have found some Keeney's in Iowa and am trying to find out if perhaps one of them was the family of John Harley Keeney. There is a Keeney Family Story by Carolena on your website that mentions Adeline Mathilda Keeney b. 1876. I am thinking this may have been a sibling of John Harley Keeney, since they are in the right place at about the right time.

Patricia Keeney

PS I must add that your website is really nice - and so easy to use. You must have put a lot of work in on doing all of this. I, for one, truly do appreciate it.


Keeney Update & Wagon Ruts West

tnupdatebuttonkfg.jpg (2651 bytes)

Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr's Keeney Update
v4n2, v5n1, v5n2, v18n4

Animation3.gif (14472 bytes)

Ralph R. Keeney's  Wagon Ruts West
sections 12, 13 & 14



   How am I related? "As my Dad would have said on this, we are related because your dog ran through our yard or our dog ran through your yard."

 ~George M. Findley


New pages added to the site:

New Photos (Elmer A. Keeney family)

Researches pages
   1. John Harley Keeney
   2. James Porter Keeney
      New researchers added to:
          John Jonathan Keeney
          Peter Keeney

Vaderon E. 'BUD' Keeney

Full Name: Barry Keeney
Date and Time: 2/17/2002, 10:59 PM

Upon my senior year at East Bank High School I was presented one of the most wonderful gifts that a person can receive- a signed copy of my heritage,"2,597 Keeney Relatives" by one of my favorite teachers, Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr.- At the time I did not truly appreciate the persistance, determination, and effort required to produce such a work until I began to work on my wife's family tree. The book has followed my travels since 1-4-79 and been a constant companion and source of inspiration to the future and a link to the past. Many thanks to Roscoe for his tireless devotion and for the wonderful website- it is truly amazing to see how far this family has grown throughout the U.S. and the world.

Ancestry of Elizabeth Bragaw Keeney of CT

Posted by Myra Berthiaume <BerthiaumeMyraK@aol.com>on January 05, 2002 at 12:52:38:

   My Grandmother, Elizabeth Bragaw Keeney, was born 22 May 1902 in New London, CT, (died 7 May 1983 in GA) 4th child of Nelson Morgan Keeney (1868-1925) and Annie Bragaw (1869-1937) both of CT.
Nelson Morgan Keeney is the son of Nelson Keeney (b. ca 1840) and Harriet Reeves (b.ca 1845) supposedly in CT.
Nelson Keeney is the son of Danforth Wales Keeney (b.1803, New London, CT) and Lucretia Chappell (b.ca 1808).
The records in CT are sparce between the birth of Danforth and the birth of Nelson Morgan Keeney.
Did these Keeneys stay in CT or did they go elsewhere for a while?
My Great-grandmother, Annie (Bragaw) Keeney, joined the Mayflower Society in 1902. My father had said that she joined thru her marriage to Nelson Morgan Keeney but I found that she has her Mayflower connection thru her mother.
Is there a Keeney-Mayflower connection in this line? I would appreciate any help with my questions. - Myra Berthiaume

Bernard & Margaret (Guinan) Keeny

Posted by E. M. McLeod <emcleod90@hotmail.com>on January 04, 2002 at 17:05:15:

   Tullamore, Co 0ffaly, Eire. Two daughters (born around 1830) migrated to US. One died unmarried c.1911
but the other had descendents whom we'd like to contact. 0ther family members: Catherine (Kate, (1832?-1914), Mary (1833-98); both went to Australia. Nancy (Kilfoyle) remained in Ireland and John "killed off a horse aged about 20".

OCR (optical character recognition) & the Keeney update

   In case anyone has been wondering about the delay's on the Keeney Update postings here's an example of what the term OCR corrections involve: This is from v18n4 December 2001 and over 65% of it scanned this way. And this is from a printed issue not a photocopy. Each scanned page comes out with different degrees of corrections that need to be made. Some articles (like in this issue  there was one about a half page long that only needed 5 corrections another about the same length only had about ten of the words right)

As Scanned:
    I>( )NA I Il )Nh Imnl Ihcsc I:unllw,cn,hc,,s [,:n lot IIIm msnc (it KI I.NI.1 lll'I)A I I'. ('lurvl,:n, /\ hccncv lNcpllmr
licm.hl .Inl,nna (' Cole I<hn,oud Iic:,ch) X I.rmvc I hccucs ll>cl.:nld) I 'I., I'hvlll5 t; SnuIII 11.11r) X I Ilunul \\ klchards !r 1liruuaon) MI 1':u,l I> I.:u,gc ( occmwcll (' I. 13crrv <' Itlcll:,rds_ 13akcrsllclcl ( /v I.:nna X lulm I'Inurl <'olun,hnl MI). Carl R hccncv Ilt:nncllcl X Imcc I';llnu�, liallcv t('I,:ulcslon) WV Ituscnl:w hccnrv hulhcl 131111 ;do Wl' Iwchnh Wlllclnlwhrdcl;,l WaWX \\;umn.uul t.lndxohn liccncv ISpol.:mrl \'v'A ,un1 liclh I lul<l:u, ut I wilsuo Spln~ MO '.'nmcci.nlmlrwr hcyt file(] lotInIWC: tiw Needed ctll:nlllil<l t>I(:I,Ily1 v,l)III,:IIIOS I,iS\5
   DONATIONS from the following family members pay for this issue of KEENEY UPDATE Christian A. Keeney (Neptune Beach), Juliana C. Cole (Ormond Beach), & Lesrwe E. Keeney (Deland) FL; Phyllis K. Smith (Erie) & Thomas W. Richards Jr (Bronson) MI; Paul D. Lange, Greenwich CT; Betty C. Richards, Bakersfield CA; Laura & John Platter Columbia MD; Carl R. Keeney (Rainelle & Joyce Palmer (Charleston) WV; Rosemary Keeney Korhel, Buffalo WY; Evelyn K. Williams (Federal Way) & Warren and Kimberlyn Keeney (Spokane) WA; and Betty J. Jordan of Excelsior Springs MO. Unused articles are being filed for future use. Needed identified pictures, obituaries, news.

This was sent to me by Joan Keeney <maraba@sierratel.com>

Senior Citizens

   Senior citizens are constantly being criticized for every conceivable deficiency of the modern world, real or imaginary.
We know we take responsibility for all we have done and do not blame others, BUT, upon reflection, we would like to point out that it was NOT the senior citizen who took:

The melody out of music The religion out of school
The pride out of appearance The Golden Rule from rulers
The romance out of love The nativity scene from cities
The commitment out of marriage The civility out of behavior
The responsibility out of parenthood The refinement out of language
The togetherness out of the family The dedication out of employment
The learning out of education The prudence out of spending or
The service out of patriotism The ambition out of achievement.

   And we certainly are NOT the ones who eliminated patience and tolerance from personal relationships and interactions with others!

Does anyone under the age of 40 know the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner?

   Just look at those old folks with tears in their eyes and pride in their hearts as they stand at attention with their hand over their hearts. Unless many of our younger generation learn to count, in the absence of computers and calculators, they will be back to counting on fingers and toes.

Remember.... Inside every older person is a younger person wondering...


Contributed Items

Don McGlothlen <donmcglothlen@yahoo.com>
Hello Dan,
         Quite a bit of erroneous data has been published over the years about the identity of the parents of Mary Hannah (McGlothlen) Keeney, wife of Rev. Jonathan A. Keeney.  

I've just finished reading all the Keeney Updates and found a couple of articles incorreectly identifying her parents.   So, I've written an article that tries to correct the story.  I've sent a copy to Roscoe, asking him to put in the next hard copy Keeney Update he might publish. 

Following is a copy for your next Keeney Newsletter, should you care to use it.

All the Best, Don McGlothlen

Parents of Mary Hannah “Polly” McGlothlen, wife of
Rev. Jonathan A. Keeney - A Correction

Today, there are many genealogical listings incorrectly stating that the parents of Mary Hannah “Polly” (McGlothlen) Keeney are William and Elizabeth (Boggs) Glackin / McGlothlin / McGlothlen.

Apparently, this was based on one fact land deed records proving the existence of a William and Elizabeth (Boggs) Glackin in Greenbrier Co, VA (Now WV) around 13 April 1780, the date of birth there of Mary Hannah’s brother, Charles M. McGlothlen. The assumption was apparently made that “Glackin” was a phonetic listing of “McGlothlen” and the listing of these parents grew wings and flew out to many family tree listings.

More recent discovery of probate records for the father of Mary Hannah and Charles M. McGlothlen have proven the names of their parents were John and Sarah (Unknown) McLaughlin, or perhaps McLoughlin.

Here is a transcribed verbatim excerpt from the official probate court record of the intestate estate proceedings for John McLaughlin, Senior. The probate file, dated November 3, 1828, is of record under the name John McLaughlin at the Circuit Court of Lafayette Co, Missouri, Probate Division II, P.O. Box 557, 1102 Main Street, Lexington, MO 64067. This probate record is listed in Probate Court Index Book 1, page 96, for Lafayette Co, Missouri.

“(November 3, 1828)
State of Missouri /
Lafayette County /
This day personally appeared before me clerk of Said
County Court John McLaughlin son of John McLaughlin
deceased who is an application for administration on
the estate of Said deceedant and made oath that the
following are the heirs of John McLaughlin decd

John Keeny who married Susannah McLaughlin,
Isaac Lewis who married Elizabeth McLaughlin,
Charles McLaughlin,
William Lewis who married Margaret McLaughlin,
Wm Davis who married Rebecca McLaughlin,
Jonathan Keeny who married Mary McLaughlin

John McLaughlin.
John x McLaughlin

Sworn and Subscribed to before me
in my office this 3rd day of Nov. 1828
by John McLaughlin
Young Ewing
Clerk of Lafayette
County Court”

With the above information and the McGlothlen family history that Mary Hannah’s father had served in the Revolutionary War, it was easy to find the Rev. War Pension Application file for her father, John McLaughlin. (National Archives Microfilm series M804 record S34987) That file shows he was born in 1754, enlisted in Bedford Co, VA in February of 1776.

John McLaughlin, Sr. served in the 5th VA line during his first (two-year) enlistment. Later, he served in the Battle of Guilford Court House, which was located in North Carolina. (If you have seen the movie, “The Patriot”, then you have seen a representation of what some thought the Guilford Court House ruins looked like at the time of that battle. Nothing remains of it today, though the site is a National Park.) The probate and pension files also show that John McLaughlin, Sr. lived near Eddyville, KY between 1818 and 1827, was palsied, infirm, destitute and mostly blind at that time, was married to a woman named Sarah of about his own age, moved with his son John McGlothlin, Jr. to Lafayette Co, MO in 1827 and died in Lafayette Co, MO on 17 July 1828. More detail is available about the later life of Sarah, Mary Hannah’s mother. In 1830, she entered into 82 acres of land bought from the U.S. Government. In 1834, she sold that 82 acres of Ray Co, MO land to a Michael Keeney of Jackson Co, MO. A Creek named Keeney runs through the center of that land parcel. (Probate and ‘next land sale’ records have been requested for Michael Keeney from the MO state Archives.)

John McLaughlin’s probate and pension files also show that the McLaughlin surname was changing from McLoughlin / McLaughlin to McGlothlen and McGlothlin in Mary Hannah’s generation.

Currently, research is also proceeding on the newly found siblings of Mary Hannah (McLaughlin) Keeney and Charles M. McGlothlen. Perhaps more detail will be soon uncovered regarding the early years of Mary Hannah’ life.

Of special interest is the identity of the John Keeny who married Mary Hannah’s sister Susannah. Any Keeney researchers who have an idea of his identity are requested to combine our research efforts.

Donald C. McGlothlen,
McGlothlen Family Historian.
February, 2002

Merthi Keeney King <merthi101@hotmail.com>

   My Father told me a story that he heard when he was about 30. He is now 81. He told me about seeing an old gentlemen at a church in Klamothfalls who said he knew Andrew Jackson Keeney.

      Bud Keeney and his young family were visiting his sister Lois in Klamath Falls (Oregon) back in 1947. He recalls they were at her down town Baptist church on the North side of town. Lois introduced him and his family to one of the older gentlemen there. "You a Keeney?" he asked "Yes Sir." Bud replied "You a relation to Andrew Jackson Keeney? Let me tell you about him. He was the bravest man alive. 'Black Jack' had 5 sons. They had taken the wagon on up to Crescent Lake fishin'. It was Huckle berry season. They'd pitched camp near a  berry patch. The horses were spooked because the smelled bear. The boys could see the bear and the asked Black Jack  "What are we gonna do about the bear? Leave?" He replied "I can run him off with a buggy whip." The boys said "Oh no Dad you cant do that." Black Jack took the buggy whip and went up to the bear. The bear raised up on his hind legs. Black Jack flicked him on the nose with the buggy whip. The bear let out a loud growl, dropped down and ran off down the canyon. Black Jack Keeney was the bravest man alive." 

Linda Doran <ldoran@telusplanet.net>

MCELROY – Joan Fidellis

 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear Mother, at Soldiers Memorial Hospital on Wednesday Nov. 1, 2000, in her 65th year. Beloved wife of the late Joseph McElroy (1998) of Uptergrove and cherished Mother and Grandma of Phyllis, Jim, Mike & Shawn MacDonald  and Mary, Dan & Katelynn Watson, all of Orillia. Loving sister of Dorothy Hurren of Woodville, Carmel McIsaac of Brechin, Bernard of BC, Maurice of Manitoba and sister-in-law of Jean Lawlor of Orillia, Rosella McElroy of Brechin and Lill McElroy of Toronto. Predeceased by her parents Ambrose & Frances (Clutchey) Donnelly and brothers Frank, Gerry, Pete, Joe, Ernie and sister Rita Sherwood. Fondly remembered by many nieces and nephews who have always shown tremendous love and support toward her. Gone but not forgotten, she takes a piece of our hearts with her. The late Joan McElroy will rest at the Mundell Funeral Home, 79 West St. N., Orillia from 7-9 pm Thursday Nov. 2nd and from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm Friday Nov. 3rd. Then to St. Columbkilles Church Uptergrove for Mass of Christian Burial on Saturday Nov. 4th at 3 o’clock. Interment St. Columbkille’s Church Cemetery, Uptergrove. Parish Prayers will be said in the chapel Thursday evening at 8:30 pm.  If desired, memorial donations to Hospice Orillia, St. Elizabeth Nurses or the charity of your choice would be appreciated.


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